The Most Effective Diet Plan To Lose Weight In A Healthy Way

GM Diet Plan

GM Diet Plan or General Motors Diet Plan is a venture to lose weight quickly. It works by cutting on belly fat and lower down the carb flab, in a shortest time span possible. It was initiated by General Motors for its employees, instilling them with enhanced health, confidence, efficiency and higher energy. If you are planning to lose weight in a healthy, natural and effective way, you must try this diet plan. You need not stress yourself by starving your body or relentless exercising.

What is the Procedure?

It is a seven days eating plan. It administers your weight loss amounting to around 10-17 Lbs. per week. It also burns more calories than it stores in your body in the form of vitamin & protein induced energy. This approach is commonly known as “cabbage soup diet” or “the sacred heart diet”.

When did it first began?

The plan pioneered in junction with Food & Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture. The plan was first used in field tests of John Hopkins Research center in 1985.

How is it different from the other diet plans which have influential networks?

It doesn’t work like other health plans backed by influential networks of big companies, such as Venus Factor or the 3-Week diet Plan. They focus solely on health-related benefits, whereas GM diet plan focuses on your personal preferences (amounting to what you CAN eat rather than what you CANNOT eat) in addition to its health program.  It is modifiable in its pattern. It is not a restrictive or rigid health-chart; for instance, you can alter it according to the inclusion of vegetarian, non vegetarian, Indian foods choices of your own.

How does the plan work?

It puts your body through the process of detoxification. The diet is mostly an embodiment of 6-8 glasses of water, fruits, vegetable, milk, soup, brown rice, chicken etc. These things lead to the residual of superfluous, toxic and unhealthy contents that lead to sluggishness and strengthen digestion. This method is particularly beneficial for you if you suffer Constipation frequently as it promotes the regular bowel movement. Once you begin to maintain a routine intake of 6-8 glasses of water a day, body wouldn’t feel the necessary need to hold back old toxicated water inside to regulate it’s water-level. The major reason behind its popularity lies in the fact that it is easier to follow. It also doesn’t have any complicated ingredients or diet chart demanding extra time from your personal routine.

Who all can follow it?

A person of any age group above 18 years and below 60 years can follow it on the recommendation of their personal dietician. A menstruating woman can also follow it, but a pregnant woman cannot. Also you need not be involved in any vigorous exercises along with it, such as kickboxing, weightlifting, but a fewer mild ones.

How successful is it?

It is evidently a workable plan as you can find its tutorials and testimonials on YouTube or online elsewhere.  Scientific explanation that backs the success of this diet plan is that, the fruits provide our bodies with fiber that aids the digestion. They also prevent the body from feeling hungry fast.  It ensures that our body receives all the nutrition that it needs.  Chicken is protein inducing and is low on fat. Protein take in brown rice increases metabolic rate and burns more fat.  All the food that is suggested is low on sugar and high in fiber, facilitating the mobilizing of stored fat and absorbing nutrition.

Benefits of GM Diet Plan

  • It helps you in losing around 3-5 Kgs in a week efficiently.
  • It also aids you in burning extra calories.
  • It ensures the development of digestive system further on.
  • Manages your obesity.
  • It also helps you in carrying your body back into the figure.
  • GM diet maintains your health and fitness.
  • It boosts your immunity system and enhances your productive energy.
  • It ensures yours emotional, physical and mental firmness due to its cleansing process.

Drawbacks of GM Diet Plan

Since it is a harsh diet, you may have to go through some various side effects. They depend upon your individual health or family history. Some of them are-

  • Recurring headache
  • Skin dryness
  • Hair fall problems

Are there any severe side effects once you stop following the diet plan? Are there any suggested ways to prevent it?

Unlike other diet plans, GM diet plan acknowledges the adverse conclusions such as “bounce back effect” i. e. weight jumping back to the previous stage, once you unfollow the specific eating plan, which I’m sure nobody looks forward to.

For sustained muscles, weight and energy, I would recommend you regular exercise and controlled diet. Exercising at least 3 days a week like aerobics, stretching, walking, running, yoga, climbing etc. is important. You must rely on nutrition dense food such as- spinach, carrots, tomato, Chicken, Turkey, beetroot, potato, broccoli after the termination of GM diet plan.  Intake of veggies can either be in raw (Salad form), baked, boiled, grilled or blanched form. It should only be cooked in Olive or Rice bran oil.

What is the day by day chart meal of GM Diet?

  • Day 1- You can consume any fruit in any quantity, except banana, with a special concentration on melons.
  • Day 2- Your diet should be constitutive of vegetables in any quantity, like baked potato, which are rich in carbohydrates and other fibers.
  • Day 3- You need to include a combination of fruits, except potatoes and bananas in your diet.
  • Day 4- Combination of 3 glasses of milk, 8 or less bananas and any amount of soup should be your meal.
  • Day 5- 6 tomatoes and two 10 oz. Portions of beef should form your meal.
  • Day 6- Depending upon your food habit beef with various vegetables of personal preference, except tomato should be included in your diet.
  • Day 7- On the last day you can have Brown rice, fruit juice and unlimited vegetables.

Diet Chart



Beverages like black coffee, black tea and club soda are acceptable alongside prescribed amount of water, but alcohol for you is a strict NO.


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