How to Know the Tempting Bites of Sushi is Fresh & Healthy


The credit of origin Sushi cuisine goes to Japan, who way back in the 7th century launched a healthy alternative of snack rolled in white sticky rice. Gradually, it traveled out of Japan and spread out into many countries. People enjoyed this healthy and quick snack which comes in small shapes, “Grab & Move.”

The chefs worldwide graduated sushi to a new level adding significance in color, texture, and taste. Now there are several sushi bars and counters wherein you can enjoy the nigiri sushi menu.

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Sushi which is full of raw fish and cold, sticky rice and packed in a pre-lunch box are often wondered about its freshness. Being a delicacy, we should also check the freshness level, which is an integral part of a sushi delicacy.

Tip 1

Smell: Check out the smell, the fresh sushi won’t smell, and neither should the restaurant. The odorless restaurant and sushi mean that it is fresh and not stale, and it reflects that the staff of the nigiri sushi menu takes good care.

Tip 2

Condensation: A clean and clear packaging suggests that the sushi was held in a constant chilled temperature to lock in the freshness. Condensation inside the packaging indicates that it had a variable temperature; therefore, there would be a question mark on the integrity of the product and the seller.

Tip 3

Close Inspection: Examine the snack from close quarters. The state of the fish, the clean, bright, white rice, and the crisp wrap of the nori (seaweed) reflect the freshness of the product. Tired and stale seafood is not healthy. Hence, it should not be consumed.

Tip 4

Ask the question from the delivery counter: When you buy sushi platter, you have the right to know the genuineness of the product. Ask the chef in-store or any responsible person who can evaluate and establish your doubts. Simply sushi, the whole product is prepared and assembled the same day. The product is marked with the time, and all the products are ready the same day on-site.


Healthy Cuisine for the Weight Loss

Sushi is the ultimate health food and aids in weight loss, along with being the perfect go-to snack, or an indulgent dinner. If you select a piece of uncooked salmon, you’re eating a low-calorie dish and giving a healthy boost to heart and brain. Salmon and tuna are a pack of protein and omega-3s and a high dose of vitamin D. The size and the amount of fish intake will decide the calorie intake, which comes around 40 to 65 calories.

If you are in the category where you require to shed weight, you should select fillings of fresh cucumbers, avocados and sea vegetables like seaweeds. It is loaded with vitamins and far healthier than a pack of potato chips. Switch your habit of eating fry and unhealthy patterns, buy sushi platter full of healthy nutrients which will check your weight.

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The taste and flavors of sushi are so intense. Hence, people grab more of it. A good-sized meal should include six pieces of sushi for women, and 9 for men or two hand rolls at most to maintain your weight-loss journey.

Off and on, you can try sumptuous and delicacies of tempura prawns, mayonnaise and other indulgent treats.

Simply Sushi

Sushi is a healthy, tasty, and enjoyable addition to the menu. Simply sushi believes in giving their best services, offering an extended premium foodservice menu. You can buy sushi platter by placing an online order and the closest restaurant near your location will deliver within the stipulated time. Enjoy the platter with family and friends.



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