Industrial Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking Systems

The commercial zone has been shifting closer to laser marking to perceive elements for the reason that introducing CO2 and fiber laser marking systems. There are sturdy symptoms that this fashion will continue. The commercial lasers of nowadays are greater appropriate for manufacturing traces than every other marking generation, consisting of inkjet printing or dot peen marking. Laser etching and engraving are actually quicker than ever and greater long-lasting, way to constantly enhancing lasers. Laser engraving or laser etching are required for maximum commercial marking applications.

Industrial Laser Marking Systems


Laser etching may be used for nearly all applications. It creates everlasting identifiers and does now no longer has an effect on the cycle time. Laser etching is used in most cases withinside the number one metals zone, metallic fabrication (welding and stamping), and meeting traces.


Laser engraving is greater long-lasting than laser etching, however, it is slower. Laser engraving is used especially in automobile foundries consisting of casting and forging plants.

What’s your enterprise?

We serve customers withinside the automobile, number one metals, manufacturing, and changing industries. We would possibly nevertheless have the ability that will help you in case your enterprise isn’t listed.


Laserax makes commercial laser markers that could both have fiber or a CO2 source. You can use every kind of laser for specific commercial purposes. For example, you may use fiber lasers to mark steel, aluminum, and different metals, however, you may additionally use them to eliminate floor contaminants like paint, oxide, and rust. You can maintain many forms of natural substances with CO2 lasers. This consists of plastics and polymer.


Laser merchandise may be utilized in high-extent manufacturing and tough environments. Because they require minimum maintenance, downtime is minimized. Our lasers have the quickest cycle instances at the market, so quick cycle instances will now no longer be an issue. Our laser engraving generation produces super everlasting, legible markings no matter floor remedy like shot blasting or e-coating.


While fiber and CO2 laser markers are utilized in manufacturing traces for an extended time, there had been a few issues. You can also additionally have skilled sluggish marking speeds, missing guides from a laser expert, or issue positioning elements to be in cognizance. It is probably time to recollect switching to a higher-best laser marking device. Laserax lasers are quicker, greater readable, and feature a more positioning tolerance while benchmarked. Our professionals have the proper gear to make certain steady results. Our air knife prevents dirt from constructing up at the lens, and our autofocus device adjusts for positioning variations.


You might not regulate the component function once more manually. All laser markers include the whole lot you want to live cognizance on. Our 2D heads function a 6mm intensity of cognizance, the best well-known for 2D leaders. For greater profound variations, our 3-D heads upload an intensive focusing range. Our 3-D autofocus device can robotically regulate the marking configuration for elements located randomly in the parking area. It has up to a few axes of compensation. An encoder sign is all it really is required to mark shifting elements at the fly.


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