Important Things You Should Know of O1 Visa


What is O1 Visa

O1 visa also known as the artist visa is a non-immigrant visa for the extraordinary talent in the subject of art, music, television, films, and drama. It is provided for a stretch of three years and it can be renewed after 3 years if the individual has some assignment lined up for the next three years. It should have documentary proof and the decision is at the disposable of immigration desk. The O1 visa is equivalent of the non-resident US EB1 visa.

Documentation for O1 Visa

The individual proposing for the O1 visa should excel in his field. The excellence should have documentary proof citing national or international awards or recognition. The individual should be acclaimed nationally or internationally. He should have won relevant awards because the US welcome those pageants who can prove a great treasure to the land of the US.

Processing of O1 Visa

The seekers of O1 visa should submit a detailed resume and the documents pertaining to his/her award of excellence in a particular field for which he is opting O1 visa. His contribution and recognition in the field of his honor. There are 10 criteria’s for the O1 visa process out of which the incumbent has to meet minimum 3 of them to be eligible for the visa.

Time Schedule of Allotting O1Visa

O1 visa can be obtained within a fortnight if your all documents are in place as required by the immigration department. The O1 visa can be processed in 15 days to a maximum of 6 months of the waiting period. There is an option of premium paid O1 visa process service and upon paying the premium, your visa wait period can be shortened for 15 days.

You should file the processing with all required documents. It is a daunting procedure and a simple mistake can devoid you from the artist visa. You should extra vigilant while filling up the form and filing required documents. If you find tough, you can take help of immigration lawyers and attorney who can guide you for the easy processing.

What is O1 Visa Spouse

If you wish to go along with your spouse and the dependent kids then their documents should be filed for their O1 visa spouse which is exclusively for the spouse and the dependent kids up to the age of 21 years.

O1 visa spouse can be processed simultaneously with your application of O1 visa to accompany along or it can be processed later and they can follow you. Till the visa is active, you, your spouse and children can go out of the country umpteen times, you don’t require a visa to come and go. The spouse and the kids have the liberty to stay with you and take up education of any course in the US, can go around the US but there is a strict limitation that they are not eligible to pick a job there.

Can O1 Visa be Renewed

As discussed earlier in the post that the O1 visa is provided for a period of three years.  O1 visa renewal can be done if you apply for the same and you have your commitments of the show, events, etc. in line for the next three years. If the US discovers that you are signed up for different engagements then O1 visa renewal can be in force easily.

Few documents have to be submitted to renew the standing O1 visa which is as under:

  • Form I-129
  • A copy of your Form I-94
  • A letter from your sponsor or employer citing the valid reason to stay back.

If the reasons are valid and factual, then the O1 visa is renewed and you can work under the laws of non-resident US and enjoy the rights and privileges.


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