Why it is important to eliminate the bed bug infestation as soon as possible

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Bed bugs are not easy to spot, since they usually come out of their burrows at night. While during the day they remain hidden in the crevices of the mattresses, in the net and, in the cracks of the walls. However, there are several methods to identify an infestation. One of the proven and, smartest way is to call the bed bugs infestation Warren MI experts. Once visit to your house, and they will understand where it has infested. Bed bugs have an average life of 9 months.

How to know where are the bed bugs?

To eliminate them when the whole house is infested, the ideal is to resort to a pest control but. In less serious cases, it is possible to resort to a series of “do-it-yourself” remedies but, they are not so effective. You can kill some bed bugs but, cannot disinfect their eggs in naked eyes. Check the mattress and the structure of the bed – The ideal refuge for bedbugs is the bed, where they can easily feed. It is therefore good to check along the entire perimeter of the mattress, between the folds of the sheets and pillows, but also on the net and on the bed frame. The ideal is to use a magnifying glass and a torch, so as not to miss anything.

Identify the egg shells and the residues of wetsuits

Bed bugs reproduce and, once they are grown, they change into a moult. When they mate, they produce hundreds of eggs, which will leave a lot of exoskeleton residue around the house. Even if you have never seen the “offending” insects, just find the egg shells or the residues of the suit to understand that you have the haunted room. The larvae are small and white, while the exoskeleton residues are transparent and visible with a magnifying glass.

Recognize faecal residues to understand better

Bed bugs eat for about 3-10 minutes a day and, evacuate where they eat, i.e. on the edges of the mattresses and in the crevices of the beds, and then return to hide again. Their faeces resemble small black grains, they are nothing but dried blood and have a slight musky odour. Again, you need to use a magnifying glass, paying close attention to the black dots. If you pass your hand over the mattress you collect some residue, it will mean that you probably have the haunted room.

Inspecting objects around the bed and, carpets

Books, telephones, radios, bedside tables, electrical outlets are all potential hiding places for bedbugs as they allow them to lay eggs undisturbed. You must therefore check all of them to be certain that you are not facing an infestation. The carpet is a great hiding place for bed bugs. However, it is possible to carry out an inspection without damaging the floor, raising the edges just slightly. The insects, their excrements or the residues of wetsuits will be seen immediately.

The colours to avoid to combat bed bugs

It may seem absurd but even insects have a favourite colour. In particular, bedbugs are attracted by some specific nuances and end up creating real colonies in the area where they are attracted. Bed bugs prefer red and, black while escaping in front of yellow and green bedbugs are created into real shelters in the attempt to hide and choose them according to their colour when they are illuminated by natural light. Now that you know how dangerous it could be, so, instead of performing the DIY operation, it is good to call the exterminator Troy MI experts as soon as possible.


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