How You Can Mute Google Assistant Responses on Your Android Phone

Mute Google Assistant responses

Google Assistant assists you get a full view of the plan for the day and other things. But at night, nobody wants that loud noise that disrupts our sleep. But you can defeat this problem. You can mute Google Assistant answers on your Android phone.

See, in the moves, how you can mute Google Assistant responses on your Android smartphone.

  1. To turn off hands-free mode, first, you have to go to the “Assistant Settings.” For this, you have to open Google Assistant and say any words like “Hey Google” or “OK Google,” or you can long-press your home button.

2. Now, on the bottom right of the Assistant to gain access to the Explore tab, you will see the symbol click on that symbol, and in the top right corner of the screen, you will see your avatar, click on it. 

3. After clicking on your profile picture, you will see the different options on your screen. From those options, click on “Settings.” 

4. Now click on the Assistant tab or swipe left and scroll down till you will find the Assistant tab and click on the “Phone.”

5. In your Phone settings, under the “Voice and Speech section,” search the “Speech Output” option.

6. Now you will observe two options. One is “Hands-Free only,” and the other is “On.” Select the “Hands-Free only” option, and now you are ready to ask queries to Google Assistant without getting annoyed by the Assistant’s voice.

Here, if you don’t want to ask queries to Google Assistant in your voice and you like typing, then you have to change the option from the voice “preferred input to Keyboard.” You can easily find that option above the “Speech Output.”

Now, this is all through which you can quickly mute Google Assistant responses on your Android phone.

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