6 Tips for a Positive Customer Service Communication


Often dubbed as the world’s leading country when it comes to call center services, the Philippines is home to hundreds of companies in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. The Philippines’ large pool of English speakers make it a very attractive place for multinational companies to invest in.

Because of the abundance of work opportunities presented by this industry, many Filipinos opt to pursue a career in the call center business.

If you’re one of them, then you are no novice when it comes to conversing with foreign clients on the phone. In fact, there are probably instances when you have to patiently deal with fuming customers. However, if you’ve established a pleasant atmosphere early on, then you might encounter these situations less.

So how exactly do you avoid these unpleasant scenarios? Here are 6 tips for a positive customer service communication.

  1. Maintain an optimistic tone.

Make sure begin the call in a positive note—this helps in making your customers feel at ease. Express your utmost enthusiasm to help them and to resolve their problems. Refrain from using words or phrases that exhibit hesitation or negativity, as these might lead the customers to lose their trust in you.

  1. Exercise empathy.

Make sure to constantly demonstrate empathy. That is, use reassuring phrases such as “I understand” or “Yes, I will”. The adage “the customer is always right” comes into mind. You always have to put your customers’ satisfaction at the top priority.

Aside from that, seeing the situation in their perspective can also allow you to have a clearer grasp of the problem, which means being able to provide better solutions.

  1. Be sincere and honest.

This should be obvious—never lie. Honesty also means admitting your mistakes, even if the customers haven’t realized them yet. This strengthens their trust in you.

  1. Be an excellent listener.

Pay close attention to what your customers are saying, and be wary against interrupting, as it implies discourtesy.

  1. Frequently use their name.

Use the customer’s name the moment you receive it. It helps personalize the call. Furthermore, most customers crave this human touch—it makes them feel that they’re actually talking to people, not robots.

  1. Avoid jargons.

You and your customer will, more often than not, have a different level of knowledge regarding the technicality of a subject matter. You might have a better comprehension of the topic, or the other way around. In any case, try not to use too much jargon as it might hamper on the clarity of your communication.

Instead, make sure that you are able to deliver your message as coherently as you can.

Key Takeaway

Today, a majority of the workforce in the Philippines are in the call center services—it is a booming industry that employs thousands of Filipinos.

Working in this kind of business means having to deal with customers on the phone all the time. Sometimes, it also means talking to irate clients. In order to reduce the likelihood of such scenarios, and for a positive customer service communication, then keep these 6 tips in mind.


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