The first steps into a career in data science?

data science

The best thing about the age of big data is that it has brought some sort of parity between the developed and the developing countries in terms of technological advancement. If you consider the number of AI related patents owned by the USA or China, they are way ahead of the rest of the world but if you look at productive usage of the state of the art technologies then you find out that countries like Malaysia, India, Vietnam or Philippines are not doing a bad job either.

If we take Malaysia for instance – this little country in the South East Asia has worked its way up the data science ladder and data analytics and data science roles are creating a lot of vacancies in various industries. Data science has already been proved to be one of the most rewarding fields in the world but there are other less popular job roles which are just as important. You as an aspirant must know the steps and take the right path of learning. Once you decide to pursue a career in data science a lot of data science courses will be on your plate to choose from. Let us see if we can help you out.

Step one: Know thyself

It is very important for you to be honest about yourself – you are trying to build a career and not to impress anyone, so, it is advised that you know what you do not know and start from the scratch if required. There are such courses on offer which teach you the very basics of statistical analysis as well as giving an over view of how big data analytics works. You can consult the mentors or experienced professionals who can give you some perspective on how to get on with the learning process.

Step two: Know the market

The key to build a sustainable career is understanding the market that governs it. As far as data science is concerned the scope is ever widening as industry after industry grow increasingly dependent on data centric operations. But the problem for fresh candidates lies in the fact that you cannot hope to secure a data scientist’s role without the experience of at least 5 years. This is why you need to find out the stepping stones which lead you to your goal of becoming a data scientist.

Step three: Look for intermediate roles

Data engineers, data architects, data visualization professionals, all perform jobs that are as important as that of a data scientist. They ensure the ideal flow of relevant into the system so that the analysts and the data scientists can work on the data. You need to find out courses that can get you started on any of these roles.

Keep an eye on the industry and choose the courses carefully. Make most of your training and later of your work experience and go for gold when its time.


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