Facebook Breaks Down on Deepfakes, Updates Privacy Checkup Tool


By accusations of privacy violations ever since the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal came to light a couple of years ago and suffered from persistent complaints against fake news on its website since in 2016 the US presidential elections, Facebook on Monday made a few announcements that it says would make the platform more protected and more agreeable place for users around the world.

Firstly, the organization says it has started a crackdown on ‘Deepfakes ‘or handled media that use deep learning techniques or artificial intelligence to build videos that distort reality. Secondly, the organization has updated its Privacy Checkup tool to now include four distinct issues to help users strengthen their account security and have a more granular authority who can see what they share and how that information is used. Facebook is giving a demo of the aforementioned new characteristics to the global media at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

As for the Privacy Checkup tool, it now covers a ‘Who Can See What You Share’ section that will allow users to review who can see their posts and profile info, while ‘How to Keep Your Account Secure’ will prompt users to set strong passwords and turn on login alerts by default.

To oppose deepfakes, Facebook says it has tied-up with more than “50 global experts with technical, policy, media, legal, civic and academic backgrounds” to express policies regarding the science of detecting manipulated media.


The organization is also changing how people can search for you on Facebook and who can send you friend requests with ‘How People Can Find You on Facebook.’ Finally, there are the ‘Your Data Settings on Facebook’ section that will allow users to review the information they share with apps they’ve logged into on the platform. They can also remove the apps which are no longer use, said the organization.


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