How to Evaluate your House while Buying, Selling or Even Making a new One?


You have decided to sell your house, but you do not know what its market price is, so you go to a real estate specialist to perform an appraisal and determine its value. But what will that price be? How is the valuation of the home made? There are several methods to make an approximate valuation of the price of the property. While building your new house, you must need the blueprint to understand how much does it cost to make a new house. You can easily get that with Blueprint estimating software, but to get the house build, here are some knowledge that you must know. Let us have a look on these aspects before making any silly mistakes.

Valuation of the house according to real estate appraisal

The real estate appraisals made by professionals of the sector are very convenient to know the market value of your house. In this way you will have a more realistic view of the price of housing, you will be advised on how to get more out of the sale of the property and you will not be disappointed if you see that the house is not sold for having put an exorbitant price. There are online tools to perform approximate appraisals, but they will never be as real and precise as those that a real estate agent or appraiser can do when visiting the house and can observe all the details.

The area and the value of the soil

The location or situation of the house will surely be the factor that most influences the pricing of the home. Logically, a house in a capital or in a coastal destination will not have the same value as in a small town in the interior. You can estimate the value of the house through the price per square meter of the area in contract flooring estimator.

In addition, data such as the quality of the environment, the commercial activity of the area, the existence of parks and garden areas, noise and environmental pollution, or the proximity of services such as schools, sports areas, and areas of interest or transport public must be taken into account.

Age of the housing

The price of the home depreciates logarithmically over time. It is estimated that the value of a house 5 years after its construction has a value of 85% of its value of new work. From 50 years old, you will have 30% of the value of a new work. In the appraisal a measurement of the interior is made to calculate the real surface of the building and a plan or sketch is drawn up specifying the distribution of the house and the surface of each room. Depending on the type of demand, the same area will be given a different value according to its distribution

State of conservation of housing

The condition of the dwelling and its services are checked. For this, a thorough inspection of the entire property is carried out. The structure is checked, whether it is concrete or not, or if the facade is coated with a plaster. The quality of the materials and finishes is also evaluated – floors, coverings, doors, windows, lighting, cabinets, toilets, taps, boiler, heating, air conditioning. Some of these parameters will have different importance according to the market itself. Similarly, the existence of garage will have a different value depending on the difficulty of parking in the area, or if you have an elevator or not and how many floors you have to walk up.


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