Celebrate your heritage with a classical wedding theme


So, what kind of wedding are you looking for? A summer wedding? Or maybe you fancy a winter wedding? Or maybe the autumn will have a  blossoming effect as you vow to love your significant other eternally? Whatever may be the reason for your choice, choosing the theme for your wedding needs to be your first and foremost priority. Based on that choice you are going to start every significant addition and shopping. Well speaking of themes, many quirky themes have come to exist. But the classical ones never go out of fashion. Why don’t you give a try at Roman culture wedding theme? That way you get to host the most convenient and cost-effective nuptial gathering! Just take a look at the different roman dresses for wedding guests as well as the bride and you will be amazed at how easy this particular theme is!

A roman wedding

The Romans have ruled the world in the 14th century making them superior to many of the races that ever existed and also leaving many descendants all throughout. Hence, there is a possibility that you are at some very tiny percent carrying the roman genome. Hence honoring the cultural impact that the Romans have inflicted all throughout the world, you most certainly can host a wedding with the theme of the Romans.

What does a roman themed wedding mean? Well, for starters, you need everything to be arranged in the fashion of the ancient Roman empire. As the Roman empire had their own civilization key points that they followed you to need to arrange everything that is strictly Roman.

Roman and greek confusion

The Greeks and the Romans have been very close culturally. Everything has a deeply rooted association in these two cultures and that is because of the proximity that they had in terms of land. Both these cultures have developed and hence adopted many architectural and common livelihood from each other. Hence, while hosting a wedding that is strictly roman [may come off as a challenge. What you have to do is stick clearly through the research that you are doing.

Roman everything

  1. Decor

Make sure that you are following the architectural designs. This is very necessary because you need a decorator following your ideas. Everything from the sitting area to the entrances should have a great implication.

  1. Flowers

The Romans were fond of flowers with foliage to offer. Roses, hyacinth, violet, lily, and honeysuckle were the flowers of their preference. So do not forget to include them in your decor. Put an emphasis on the color code to your florist. Whether you are having a monochrome decor or you are having a combination decor is an essential point. So be clear about both of them!

  1. Cuisine

Pears, figs, pork, and sausages these were just some of the food items that Romans preferred. Make sure your thematic wedding does not lack in the cuisine department by ordering food items that were most popular and used for celebratory purposes in ancient Rome.

  1. Attire

You must be aware of the flow and cotton-based garments that were most popular for among the ancient Romans. Make sure that you as the bridegroom pair have the perfect roman attire. Also, roman dresses for wedding guests need to be finalized before everything else as you have to declare the theme so no one is falling short!


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