Authentic Vietnamese Pho Noodles: A symbol of culture and history along


Almost everyone of us love to eat noodles. It is a simple fact and has made a lot of entrepreneurs successful in restaurant businesses. In some big countries, there are special Vietnamese restaurants throughout and this sophisticated cuisine remains largely unknown for the general public. In Vietnamese cuisine, most popular dish is Pho and it is a secret of success in this most popular, challenging, colorful, savory, and time honored dishes.

Even if you are not willing to visit a restaurant, then also you will be able to enjoy one of these cuisines by having some cup noodle or instant noodle at home. Vietnamese cuisine in generally reflects the influence of a multitude of cultures along with the histories of the country. China ruled over Vietnam for over 1000 years. But Vietnamese retain their cooking culture rather than assimilate the Chinese style and later lead that to a distinctly different cuisine.

Mongolian invasions of Vietnam during the thirteenth century has also left a lasting imprint on variations of the dishes Vietnamese have. After that, french arrived, they gained control over the country in the 1887 incorporating Vietnam in to the French Empire (1887 – 1954). The Japanese would occupy Vietnam on the time of Wold War II.

Vietnam’s contacts with the Southeast Asian neighbors are Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. All of these countries including Vietnam had been under the culture influence of Indian, Indonesian, Dutch, and Portuguese. However, Vietnamese cuisine remains original and distinctive from others because of its unique characteristics like using fish sauce or always having fresh herbs and vegetables in order to put in soups or as a side dish.

Pho is also known as Pho Hanoi or Pho Bac and this is one of the most popular northern specialty dishes. This Pho is made with beef, chicken or seafood. But, in Pho, most of the people prefer having beef. Pho is known as one of the most comforting food that most of the people order on the time, they go to some of the Vietnamese restaurants. Even this is also a street vendor’s food in Vietnam and it can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or any other time.

Pho comes in different sizes and hearty, fortified noodle soup is like a wake up call for early morning. It can be served with multiple textures of hot broth, fresh ingredients, tender beef slices, chewy rice noodles, and crunchy bean sprouts. Well, these items demonstrate the uniqueness all in one bowl. Beef Pho can be made with chicken also and normally is made with the spiced beef stock, poured over fresh rice noodles and paper thin slices of raw beef in a single bowl.

It is basically hauntingly fragrant and lightly spicy with cinnamon, star anise, fresh ginger, fennel, and nutmeg. A side platter full of fresh basil, cilantro, fresh mung bean sprouts, onions, chilies peppers, lime juice. Put all of them together with other Pho ingredients at the table when you would like to eat. These ingredients go on top while serving accompaniments and garnish the soup just the way you desire.


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