How to calculate the size and costing of your carpet while flooring your house


Carpet is an ideal thing that is used to decorate our house. There are various kinds of carpets that are seen in our houses according to our home décor, interior, flooring, size, and taste. Before buying any carpet for your house, you have to measure your floor accordingly so that the carpet fits perfect. You can use carpet measuring software to easily understand which size you need for your floor. Not only that but also you can also estimate the cost easily that you need to décor your house with designer carpets.

Pink chair and a plant against a wall mockup
Pink chair and a plant against a wall mockup

Carpets for the living room

A first option would be to place it in the center and place on it the center table and the front legs of your sofa and / or armchairs. In this way, your carpet will be large enough to support your feet on it, regardless of the armchair or sofa on which you will be lifting or sitting. Another factor to consider related to the size of the carpet is that it should be large enough so that when removing the chairs from the table, they are still on the carpet. This recommendation is important if you do not want the chairs to wrinkle or distort the carpet or if you do not want to feel uncomfortable when you notice that some legs of your chair are outside the carpet.

The carpet for the bedroom

If there is a room where you usually have a special interest in getting a comfortable atmosphere, without a doubt, that is the bedrooms. And there is no doubt that carpets are the perfect complement to achieve that atmosphere of relaxation, well-being, warmth and comfort that these rooms require. Now, to find the perfect carpet size, you have to take into account the dimensions of the room and those of the bed. Based on this, you can calculate the estimate cost of the carpet that you need. With carpet estimating software you can do it so easily, without any miss calculations.

Space is important

If you have no space problems, bet on a large rug that covers the entire area of the bed, including side ancillary furniture. If the space is still not a problem, you can also place the carpet from where the bedside tables end, to leave the rest left over as a footboard. The important thing in this case is that the width of the carpet is a little greater than that occupied by the bed and the auxiliary furniture, so that when you get out of bed, touch the carpet with your bare foot.

In most houses space and budget are usually adjusted so that one of the most used options is to resort to carpets on each side of the bed. This option is also the most used in secondary or children’s bedrooms. As a general rule, the carpet is usually placed at the foot of the bed where the bedside table is located.

Room or work corner

If you have an area or a room in your home dedicated to work, delimit the space with a carpet with which you will also gain comfort. Make sure all furniture is inside the carpet, taking special care that the work chair is always inside the carpet, even when you remove it to get up. This way you will avoid trips or deformations in the carpet. The golden rule to take into account when choosing a carpet for a corridor, entrance or stairs is that the entire area to be stepped on is covered, so that both feet are on the carpet when you step on it.


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