The Best New Stylish Kitchen Splashbacks

kitchen splashback

Every well figured-out and beautifully designed kitchen splashback is a spectacular thing. A splashback must be able to withstand splatters, heat, moisture, and be easy to clean. Not only does a splashback need to match a kitchen’s style and design, but it also needs to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand daily use as well as comply with the required fire safety requirements.

With so many new kitchen splashback styles and new emerging trends, it can be difficult to choose the right splashback. With a multitude of options now available on the market, including some very stylish looks, the numerous new splashback choices are limited only by your wallet and ingenuity.


According to Experts, the modest splashback tile is still not beatable. Ceramic or porcelain tile remained the toughest and least maintenance choice. Porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic tiles and are therefore given a higher price tag.

Along with several larger format tiles and colours available, the grout that’s always the largest put-off with tiled splashback can be kept to a minimum and the grout line would be well above the splatter zone, with the right product. The choice of colour will depend on how often the tile will be positioned to take centre stage or whether it will have to fade into the background.

Some of the newest kitchen splashback trends are to make daring accents with vivid, multi-toned tiles. Although this works best in large kitchens, smaller kitchens may use it to break areas into parts as well

Another highly popular trend recently with kitchen splashback is the contrast between designs, colours, and shades. This design is created by contrasting with the splashback tiles in the cabinet colours. Dark cabinets fit well with light splashback while dark splashback fits well in white cabinets.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel splashback is an easy way to embed metal in the kitchen. The practical benefits of using stainless steel included its waterproof consistency that is appropriate for the kitchen where spillage and mess are always present. Additionally, splashback made of stainless-steel needs minimal maintenance and the surface can be washed very easily.

Glass Splashback

Glass splashback delivers a few benefits including a fully smooth finish. For glass splashback there is an infinite range of colours that can come in gloss or matte finishes. Glass can offer an elegant or bold look to your kitchen, and can even be mirrored for some extra flair. Experts advise caution as it may not age well when going for a bold colour.

When choosing a glass splashback avoid polarizing or bright colour options and instead opt for more complementary colours. It is possible to use LED lighting strips to illuminate glass splashback producing a subtle glow that makes an impressive statement. It can also be more difficult to clean a glass splashback to a perfect finish.


Moreover, for those wanting a timeless, ultra-luxurious feel, Kitchen splashback from porcelain or granite slabs are gaining popularity. A slab splashback can be a continuation of the benchtop or matched to the island bench, giving the kitchen a perfect picture flow that can’t be accomplished with any other choice.

Splashback is a crucial part of every kitchen. Although their primary function is to protect the walls against spills, stains, heat, and moisture, they also help to increase a kitchen’s visual appeal. So, whether you’re renovating or constructing a kitchen, it’s important to choose the right new stylish splashback.



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