Best Grammarly Alternatives You Should Try

best grammarly alternatives

Best Grammarly Alternatives – If you are a writer, then you want your writing skills to go smoothly. For this, you need a grammar checker; one is Grammarly. But for some reason, you are not happy with it, and you want to replace it. Grammarly is the best grammar and plagiarism tool, but it is a little expensive for students. Then there are many Grammarly alternatives which you can try.

Here we will show you the best Grammarly alternatives which should try:

  1. WhiteSmoke:-WhiteSmoke is a very proficient English writing and proofreading tool. It symbolizes the grammar as well as punctuation, spells checking, and writing style suggestions. It is available for all types of devices, like Mac, Windows, web browsers, iOS, and Android, etc.

In this software, you will find 100 of templates such as Resumes, Condolences, Thank you, Reports, and Cover Letters, etc. In this software, without spending much time, you can easily find out errors and improve the quality of your text.

The cost of this software is a 4-day free trial, for the “Essential” plan is $4.16/month and for the “Premium” is $6.66/month and $11.50/month for the business plan.

2. GINGER:- Ginger software is too much similar to Grammarly. This software provides you the high accuracy and more personalized suggestions. This software is best for students, teachers, and bloggers. This tool is available for all platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Mac. This tool detects the errors and highlights them. You can also select British and American English. This software also comes with a translator with the support of 60 languages, including Russian, French, Hindi, Chinese, and much more. The cost of this software is free and $20.97/month for premium versions.

3. 1CHECKER:- Among the best alternative of Grammarly, 1 checker is one of the best alternatives you can find. I like this software because of its brilliant proofreading. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the proofreading of Grammarly, you can use the 1Checker. This tool detects spelling mistakes, grammar, and style errors. It is available in macOS and Windows. If you don’t want to use the app, you can use it as an online tool. This tool is available in free versions.

4. GRAMMERLOOKUP:- GrammerLookUp is a smart grammar checker and proofreading tool. This tool has features like spotting and eliminating spelling errors, ensuring your article remains free of blunders. It is available free.

5. Writer:-  Writer an enterprise grammar checking tool is another great Grammarly alternative.

If you know about any other Grammarly alternatives tool feel free to write in comment box.

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