5 Ways to Use Custom Polo Shirts to Your Club’s Advantage


Custom polo shirts offer more versatility in style than you can imagine. Not only can these be worn to almost any occasion, be it casual or formal, but can also be easily teamed up with a blazer or even a leather jacket to complete the look. These can also complete a marketing strategy as a perfect bait or giveaway.

Today, in this blog, we will be discussing the many ways in which you can use a custom polo shirt as a part of your club’s promotional strategy.

#1 Social Media Giveaway

Social Media is one of the best marketing platforms you can use for reaching wider audience, and gaining greater visibility and larger following. You can host contests and surveys on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and invite people to like, share and comment on your posts. At the end of the contest you can gift the winners your club’s personalised polo shirts carrying your club’s logo.

#2 Token of Appreciation

Before, after or during the match/game you would generally have a herd of supporters helping you and your team in one way or another. A custom polo shirt bearing your club’s logo would make for a perfect token of appreciation. It would hold greater value in the future when your supporters/fans would come to attend or support you during your future matches/games wearing your club’s custom shirts.


#3 Freebie

Your custom polo shirts would make for an excellent giveaway during sports events, such as marathons. To make your freebie more attractive you can add some more freebies such as personalised baseball caps or pink football socks. People enjoy freebies and they are most likely to remember your club, promote it amongst peers and even support it during games etc.

#4 Incentive for A Survey

As a sports club that wants to make it big in the industry, you would want to know how sports fans see your club or team and gain more insights. Conducting a survey would be the right step forward. Now because it requires a good deal of effort in convincing people to fill the survey, it is best to induce and attract them by handing a customised polo shirt to those completing the survey.

#5 Personal Marketing

Besides handing over your personalised polo shirts, you can also make your sportsmen and team members wear it off the field or when they arrive for a game/match. This way you would be promoting your club or team and your sponsors through the logos printed on your custom polo shirts.

Final Words

Adding custom polo shirts to your marketing strategy could prove extremely beneficial in the long run. It could afford your club greater visibility and publicity through all those people you hand away a custom shirt to. A piece of advice – choose a custom sportswear manufacturer that offers a free online 3D Kit Designer and never discontinues a design, such as Zapkam.


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