5 Important Tips Dealers Should Consider Before Buying Car Tyres

Car tyres

Tyres are one of the most important components of vehicles especially cars, trucks, bikes. They have a direct impact on brakes, acceleration, and handling of a vehicle.

As a renowned dealer supplying auto repair parts such as car tyres to your customers, you must be aware of huge-demand of car tyres in the market.

When it comes to change the set of existing wheels of the vehicle, your customers will look for original and long-lasting tyres. To fulfil the demand of your customers, you, as a dealer should pick a genuine auto parts wholesaler to buy large quantity genuine car tyres.

To help all the up-and-coming auto repair parts dealers, we have come up with five important tips to follow while purchasing car tyres.

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Choose Tyres for Different Car Types

The first and vital tip car dealers should follow is – don’t choose tyres of one car brand or two, in fact, as a dealer, you should purchase car tyres for different car types including hatchback, SUV, LUV, MPV, Sedan, etc.

Keep in mind that your customers can own any car from 4 seaters to 9 seaters. Thus, to meet every customer’s requirement, you must buy different car tyres for customers having different car types.

Choose Tyres of Different Size

Cars come in different sizes and models. The second tip dealers should follow is that they should keep in mind different car sizes and models in order to buy their respective car tyres.

You can also ask your auto parts wholesaler to assist you in buying different size car tyres.

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Choose Branded Tyres

The third important tip dealers should follow is that always buy branded car tyres.

One of the renowned brands in car tyres is Achilles, premium tyre brands of Indonesia that have successfully marked its footprints in the market. If you want to purchase excellent quality tyres, you can buy Achilles tyres.

It is advisable not to choose cheap brands as they could turn more expensive in the long run.

Choose Tyres Depending on Driving Condition

The fourth important tip you should follow is to choose tyres for different driving conditions such as summer/winter, all-terrain, all-season.

Achilles tyres are renowned as the best tyres for all the driving conditions throughout the year.

So, it is advisable to buy Achilles tyres to give your customers the best products.

Choose Price & Warranty

Last but not least, while buying car tyres, it is important to inquire about their warranty period. Choose the ones which come with most extended free replacement period.

Also, check the price of the car tyres and select the ones with the longest warranty at the best price.

So, these are the five essential tips you should follow while purchasing car tyres.

Now, you can also buy auto parts online just by sitting at your home.

All you need is to find some good auto spare parts wholesalers in Dubai, explore their website and place the order as per your convenience.

In case of any queries, feel free to ask.


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