4 Safety Tips for Solo Car Travelers


Driving alone on your Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines can be exciting and exhilarating. At least up until you hit rage-inducing Philippine traffic. Kidding – or not? – aside, driving solo can be really fun. No backseat or passenger seat driver to nag you, you can take any route you want, play your favorites songs, and sing your heart out inside the car. It’s freeing and liberating for some reason.

However, with all the benefits also comes the downsides. The road is a dangerous place, not just for solo car travelers but for everyone travelling on it. There are hazards every which way you look. Whether you’re out in the open or about to park at a quiet place, you’re always vulnerable, which is why safety always has to be your priority. It’s important that you follow these tips for solo car travelers to ensure a safe and happy journey!

Plan Your Trips Accordingly

Whether you’re going for a long drive to the woods or a short drive to the grocery store, it’s important that you plan your trips accordingly. Map out the routes you’re going to take especially if you’re travelling through unfamiliar roads. Doing this will save you from getting lost and having to stop at awkward and suspicious places to ask for directions.

Aside from the routes, it’s also good to plan for the weather. As you should already know, driving during a sunny day is very different from driving in the pouring rain. Additionally, try to inform someone of your whereabouts or plans so they know where to head to in case something happens.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

There are some personal safety apps available now that can help you make emergency calls when you’re driving. They’re quick and easy to use so you should try to take advantage of those. Even if you think you have no use for them, it’s better safe than sorry.

It’s also smart to keep your phones charged so you can contact your peers for help anytime. You can also use navigation apps if you find yourself getting lost or having to reroute. Technology can benefit you in many ways and make your road trips safer but only if you know how to use it.

Make Sure Your Car is in Top Shape

You wouldn’t want for your car to break down in the middle of the road during your solo trips. Not only is that a hassle but it’s also quite scary especially if it happens in the middle of night. There may be good Samaritans out there that are willing to help you, but there are also people who will take advantage of your vulnerability during those moments.

In order to avoid this, always make sure that your car is in good mechanical condition before you head out. Check the tires, gas, battery, windows, doors, and other important parts. If something seems out of place and you can feel it as you drive, then immediately take it to a trusted mechanic.

Hide Your Valuables

Nothing makes you more of a target than having your valuables out in plain sight. These things will definitely track chancers – time and place doesn’t matter. Even if you think you’re parked in a safe lot, it’s still best for you to put your valuables under your chair. Also apply this while you’re driving by hiding your wallets ad keys in the compartment.

You may think that doing this makes you look paranoid, but it’s actually common practice. Every driver who cares for his/her safety does this and there’s nothing weird about it. And even if people do think you’re being too cautious, it’s definitely better than the alternative which is becoming a smash-and-grab victim.

Key Takeaway

A Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines can be an intimidating vehicle and it may drive away potential evil-doers but it’s not enough. You have to do your part to ensure your safety on and off the road. If you don’t know where to start, then try following the tips listed above. You can easily incorporate these habits into your driving routines to make your drives more safe and fun!


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