4 Guides on How to Write SEO-Friendly Content


Many organizations are paying big money to hire companies that offer SEO services. They do this because they know how important and beneficial it is for their brand to appear on the first pages of globally-used search engines such as Google and Bing.

Showing on the top pages of these engines guarantees that they get more clicks, likes, shares, and ultimately more customer engagement, which is undoubtedly good for the company’s reputation and revenue. In order to make this happen, these SEO experts manage their client’s website from the layout down to the very content that they publish – of course with approvable from them.

While that’s all good and doable, what these organizations fail to notice is that writing SEO content isn’t as hard as most assume. Yes, it requires time, patience, skill, and a whole lot of research but it is completely doable and learnable. To prove our point, we have some few tips and guides on how you can write SEO-friendly content.

Start by doing keyword research

The first and most important step in writing SEO-friendly content is to conduct thorough and extensive keyword research. What this means is you need to find and figure out what people, specifically your target market, enter into search engines when they’re looking for a particular product.

After you’ve found what terms, words, or phrases people use, they need to be the center of your content. You need to write posts that are related to those keywords and actually use them in your content – in moderation.

This ensures that the next time people enter these keywords in search engines, your website will come up and they will be directed to your products and/or services.

Come up with unique and original content

Unique and original content doesn’t automatically mean that you need to come up with topics that no one has ever tackled before. Your content simply needs to be different from that of others; they don’t have to be a complete copy, otherwise, that’d just be plagiarism.

What you can do in order to create unique and original content is to use several credible sources and gather relevant information from those. Your end product should then be one that is better than the others in a way that it offers more and better information and is also fairly easier to read and follow.

Putting out content that is unique and informative is guaranteed to make you stand out from the rest and will have you ranking on search engines in no time.

Optimize images and other media

People don’t want to land on a page filled solely with words. Once they do, their initial reaction is to close the tab and head to a different website, so use images to make your posts easier and attractive on the eyes of your readers. Additionally, it stands as another opportunity for your website to rank, only in image search this time.

There are many ways to optimize images and a few examples include keeping the file name relevant and adding alt text. You should also note that images can affect your website’s speed so try stick with those that have small file sizes but still retain their quality.

Videos are also starting to get ranked in search results, so you should consider using those to your advantage. You can post videos explaining your products or tutorials related to your service.

Use internal and external links

One of the best ways to promote other content from your own website is to use internal links – this is when you link one of your previous posts to your latest content. Creating small webs of internal links within your website helps prove your authority on the topic. However, for this to work, the internal links you use should be inserted logically and with direct relation to each other.

External links or outbound links that direct people out of your page and into another are also useful as it adds credibility to your content. Moreover, it makes you visible to other content creators within your industry and allows you to build relationships with them. Once a solid business relationship has been built, they will also start to link back to your website which gives you access to a market that you may not have been able to tap.

Key Takeaway

We’re not going to lie and tell you that writing SEO-friendly content is an easy task, but it’s also not incredibly hard either. With the right skills, training, patience, knowledge, and research, anyone who is dedicated to the art of SEO should be able to do it.

If you’re really finding it hard to grasp the concept of SEO and everything related to it, then don’t be ashamed to outsource SEO services. The people who offer such services are experts in the field and have spent years figuring out how search engines work, so they should be able to help you compete in the digital field!


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