Wunderlist Alternative Apps You Can Use


Wunderlist is one of the most famous to-do-list and reminder apps across platforms, and it is easy to use. From this app, you can keep track of all the lists in a much simpler way.

In any case, if this app is closed, then what you will do or if you want to try other apps, then no need to worry, there are so many alternatives to Wunderlist.

Here we will show the best Wunderlist alternatives apps you can use in 2019:-


  1. ANY.DO:- Any.do is the best alternative of Wunderlist through which have calendar feature, multiple task list, and also the probability of sharing the list. You can share any lists with your family or friends. In this app, you can even break down your tasks into smaller subtasks. You can also leave comments on your tasks. It is a multi-functional platform like Wunderlist.


  1. REMEMBER THE MILK:- Remember the Milk (RTM), the name is awkward, but it is a handy app for the to-do list and reminder application. This app supports the feature of multiple lists so you can distribute your to-dos and reminders by projects, or interest. The sharing of the list feature is also available. You can share the lists with the users of RTM. RTM doesn’t support the function of comments and attaching files to reminders. When you take the subscription, then you will get the cool features like support for sub-tasks, unlimited sharing of lists, badges, and widgets, along with the ability to sync with Outlook and much more.


  1. GOOGLE TASKS:- Google tasks is one of the best alternatives of Wunderlist through which you can manage hundreds of tasks. Through this app, you can create and add new tasks, obtain your tasks across multiple platforms, add sub-tasks inside a task, create lists, add due dates and reminders, and much more.


  1. ASANA:-If you are using Wunderlist, then Asana is one of the best alternatives of Wunderlist for sharing tasks and managing the projects. Through Asana, you can create tasks, manage to-do lists along with single task assign, adding team members, and many more features. You can assign tasks and can track the progress of the task. In an ongoing project, you can even add comments.


  1. TODOIST:- This app is user-friendly and the best replacement of Wunderlist. At the same place, you can track everything with the help of the Todoist app. You can designate different to-dos and reminders to projects to accurately classify. You can directly create tasks from your email inbox. You can also get features like Email notifications, SMS, and email reminders. The drawback of this app is that you will get the Reminders, Comments, and Files features on Premium subscription.


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