WhatsApp Business Allows You To Hide Unavailable Products, Better Manage Catalog


To help WhatsApp Business users manage their product catalogs from the desktops, WhatsApp is now permitting them to build and organize catalogs using its desktop application. Aside from this, the messaging giant also launched a new feature that allows business owners to hide unavailable products from their catalog and unhide them again when they become available.

Catalog Management on WhatsApp Business Desktop

If you did not know, WhatsApp added the catalog feature for its business users back in 2019. Later, the organization updated the feature by adding QR codes and sharing support. Still, the feature was only possible on WhatsApp’s mobile platform.

Hide/Unhide Items from Catalog

Besides producing catalog management for its desktop client, the Facebook-owned company also added a hide/unhide feature for products in catalogs. Thanks to this, WhatsApp business users will now be capable to hide specific items or a bulk of items in a catalog from their customers when they are unavailable. They can also unhide them once they become available again.

WhatsApp Business users can obtain the new feature from the Settings -> Business tools -> Catalog. Here, the unavailable items, users can hide one or more items in a catalog. Once the items become hidden, they will still seem on the catalog manager with a small hide icon over their names.

Also, when the existing hidden items become available again, users can unhide them by going to the product specification page. You can also unhide many items at once by touching and holding one of the hidden items until the green checkboxes seem.

Both the features are currently working out to all WhatsApp Business users around the world. And with these two extensions, WhatsApp aims to improve the user experience of small businesses that use its platform to connect with their customers.

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