Websites Every Android Enthusiast Should Know


The Android system has a large number of apps and services which help you improve the user experience and efficiency. So, if you are an Android Enthusiast, then here are some online services that you should know.


  1. APK MIRROR:- Everybody knows about this APK Mirror, this website hosts the APK files of new and popular Android apps. This app gives you not only the latest APK but also the different versions of the same application.

Like Facebook pushed some updates, and you don’t want to use Facebook with updates, with the APK, you can go backward to the previous version of Facebook. Users who wish to the app and don’t want to search for its alternative, APKmirror, is the method to go.

2. APPBRAIN:– From this app, you can search for all the information and much more. For this, scroll down the app to the bottom of the page and put the Google play URL of the app and press enter. After that, you will find all the details which you can’t find in Google play description like when the app was first released, last updated, change in average rating, etc.

3. VISIT YOUR PHONE SUBREDDIT:- If you judge yourself as an Android Enthusiast and would like to know everything about Android, then I recommend you follow r/android or r/androidapps.

But, I will highly recommend you follow the subreddit of your phone. Every modern smartphone has its subreddit, where people talk about everything related to that appropriate device – like the latest news, tips & tricks, updates, errors, etc.

4. VIRUSTOTAL:- If you got some APK from a suspicious source? VirusTotal is a free service that examines suspicious files.

5. APPS.EVOZI.COM:- As you can find the APK of popular apps from websites like APKMirror, but APKMirror doesn’t have APK of less popular sites. You can see that less popular apps from Apps. Evozi.Com

With the Google play URL, you can download an APK of any Android apps or games. But you can download only the free version of the apps, not the paid ones.

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