The Most Viral Videos in 2019


Social media has become a platform to share anything you like. You can share any video that you recorded of yourself or of other people. The influence of social media is so much that once a video is uploaded it takes very less time to reach out the masses. People can give any message via photo or video and the message gets forwarded.Vidmate is one application that helps in uploading pictures and downloading videos and movies. Vidmateold version is also suitable for downloading the same quality videos.

There are some most trending videos that went viral in 2019 till date. The top 5 viral videos of the year 2019 are:

  • Father dragging daughter at airport: The video was made by a random guy at Dulles International Airport and a father was dragging her daughter (not angrily). The girl was enjoying the trip and was not shouting at all. The man uploaded the video and it went viral in the month of January 2019.
  • Gordon Ramsey’s experiences revenge: Revenge is the name of a dish that was tried by Gordon Ramsey in the season of ‘hot ones’. This dish is served very hot and has made the best feel the worst. The video got viral because the expressions of the celebrity said all without even uttering a word.
  • Polar vortex freezes boiling water: A Midwesterner guy throws boiling water in the air during polar vortex when it was minus 27 degree outside. And guess what its result was? The water freezes and turns into snow and turns back as snow fall. The video went viral and surfaced online all over. Although it is still hard to believe that.
  • Maroon 5 obliged to sing sweet victory: After the demise of the sponge bob square pants creator a petition was started which wanted the sweet victory song to be dedicated to the creator (Stephen Hillenburg) of sponge bob during the “super bowl” show.
  • Pikachu Dance: It happened just before the release of the movie Detective Pikachu that a rumour was started of the leak of the film. A YouTube channel named detective Pikachu uploaded a video of 1 hour 44 minutes. The video went viral because it was only a Pikachu dancing for 1 hour 44 minutes.

There are lots of viral videos which surfaces on internet. People are fond of taking and recording pictures and videos an even uploading them. Whether the video or picture is bad or good that is a secondary matter but the important thing is to upload. This online sharing of pictures and videos has made even a small video a viral one. People can get to know about what happened in other country by sharing and receiving pictures and videos. It has become a kind of entertainment and even a social support for the people around the world. This online uploading can make a person famous in a single night. You never know maybe you’re the next.


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