Understanding How Google Shopping Ads Work: A Quick Guide

google shopping ads

Google Shopping is a specialised search engine-marketing avenue, focusing on e-commerce retailers. Unlike standard image or text Ads, which include headline and description, Google shopping ads let online retailers to promote the online, as well as local inventory, in form of hybrid ads, which include photograph of inventory, price, store name, title, and other information, on the search engine result pages or Google Search Partners.

The focused approach helps retailers to compete against huge traffic-drawing sites by offering access to better-qualified leads and improve relevant traffic to their website, along with the local store. Google shopping ads services evidently do not help consumers to the website but also to the brick and mortar establishment, as it offers the ability to display inventory to the online consumers across a number of mediums.

How are Google Shopping Ads different?

Google Shopping ads include more elements, such as single or multiple photographs of the inventory or products, price with a title, store name, and other pertinent information, than standard text or image ads. Additional information encourages users or consumers, as the ads provide more information to them before even clicking the ads.

Shopping ads offer retailers two ways to advertise the product and the store:

  • Product Shopping ads

google shopping ads for online store

Such ads are created based on the product data provided by the retailers in Merchant Centre. For this type of ads, the publisher charges the advertiser using cost-per-click model, which means you need to pay for those ads that draw clicks and take the consumer to the landing page of the website or the Google hosted landing page.

  • Showcase Shopping Ads

shopping ads

The advertiser or the campaign manager in AdWords creates such ads by banding several different products together. The advertisers are charged by cost-per-engagement model, where user expand and click the link.

How does Google Shopping Work?

For capitalising on the capability of the Google shopping ads services, retailers first have to get the Google merchant account, create AdWords account, and provide the product data enlisting a number of details. Google based on the query of the user, use the information provided to carve ads to display them across the web to the hordes of potential customers. One thing that distinguishes shopping ads from standard Google ads is irrelevance of the keywords, as the bidding process is entirely different. The product data, not keywords, determine where and how your ads will be shown. Therefore, Google shopping ads management focuses on product data rather on keywords.

For making the Google shopping ads management easier, AdWords has a dedicated feature called Shopping campaigns, which offer campaign managers a simple, as well as a flexible tool, to promote and organise the product inventory.


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