Tricks to create exciting, yet healthy lunch box for your kid’s school

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Have you been thinking about giving your kids healthy and tasty food for school lunchbox? Well, as a mother we are always concerned about what our kids are eating. Are they eating just unhealthy food or picking up healthy options in their school canteen? Well, if you have decided to prepare your meal from scratch and pack healthy food for your kid’s school lunchbox then you can stay assured.

We have come up with some simple tricks that will allow you to prepare healthy and tasty food that you can quickly pack in their glass lunch box set of 4 without spending much time in the kitchen. Read on to know the ways to prepare quick meals and save time as well.

Plan in advance

Planning is vital when it comes to preparing a healthy lunch box! It definitely helps in you actually reducing the preparation time and circumvents you being caught short of meal ideas. Always create a menu in advance and accordingly buy the necessary ingredients required to prepare the same. The best thing you can do is to prepare different types of salads, pasta, boiled eggs, and other healthy and quick to make meals during the weekend when you have plenty of time with you. This way you can prepare enough food for weekdays during the weekend.


Pay heed to a balanced diet

Give your child a balanced and nutrition-rich food packed in glass lunch box set of 4 for improved performance in school. For this, always ensure you include 4 different varieties of food items in their glass lunch box including fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy product, and whole grain snacks.

Stock up

Always remember that you have to stock up on rudimentary foods to help you speedily prepare wholesome lunches. Salmon and tuna are some delicious options that can be prepared in a matter of 10 minutes. Besides this, you can even stock up nuts and seeds. This way you will be saving a lot of time simply by preparing something healthy and very quickly including tuna or salmon salad and sandwiches.

Prepare for many

If you don’t have much time, then always remember to cook more chicken, vegetables, rice, and even pastas in the night time that you can pack a lunch for school the next day.

Go for smaller portions.

Do you know that small portions of different varieties of food packed in glass lunch box set of 4 is often more treasured by your child than just 1 big main course?Furthermore, very out sized amounts may dishearten some children. For instance, give them different options like cheese cubes, raw vegetables, fruit wedges, etc.

Be creative

When you start giving same things in same manner time and again, that time your child will stop enjoying the food. Hence, to make your child’s lunch more exciting and tasty to eat tries to add different varieties of food, shapes, colours, and flavours to their glass lunch box set of 4. Try to get new ideas online!




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