Top Amazon Echo Alternatives You Can Buy


Here we review all the Amazon Echo Alternatives. The Amazon Echo is a fantastic brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. This excellent voice-controlled device provides you high-quality features such as voice interaction, music playback, organizing to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, provision of weather, traffic, and other real-time information. In short, Alexa acts as a home automation hub having control over several smart devices.

Hmm…..Sounds great! But wait!! Not everyone wants a home-based device or an expensive product. Different people have different choices. Some prefer portable and affordable options.
On the other hand, some get attracted to the appearance and functionality. And the best part is that the tremendous competition in the industry and advanced demanding lifestyle has made it possible. All these products are efficiently beating Alexa and give more reliable and convenient features and services economically.

Let’s talk about the top 10 Amazon Echo Alternatives you can buy:

  1. Google Home: These powerful Google Assistant voice speakers are outstanding in voice recognition and sound quality, along with a pleasing appearance. It privileges the users with a huge package of hilarious services such as Google play music, Spotify, iHeartradio, Netflix, YouTube, Google Photos, Google Calendar, Google keep, CNN, CNBC and the Wall Street Journal ( for audio-visual and news related valuable content); home automation features for Chromecast digital media player, and products related to Philips Hue, Logitech, Nest, Smart Things, LIFX, Lightwave RF, and Logitech Harmony; Hands-free calling and so on.

google home

Buy ($129)

2. Google Home Hub:  Google Home Hub is a nice and smart looking small portable device. It has a built-in web browser that can be navigated manually. However, the device lacks a camera, so video calling is not possible in it. The involved operating system in the Google Home Hub is a version of Cast Platform and powers chrome cast and other home devices and not the Android ones. With the smart new Dashboard features, one can get an entire overview of the smart home and can easily control room lights, cameras, locks, devices, and so on.

google home hub

Buy ($149)

  1. Lenovo Smart Display:The best thing about the Lenovo Smart Display that draws the user’s attention is the sharp and sleek design with a built-in camera. This smart speaker comes with a screen where you can watch any video (via YouTube for kitchen purposes to see recipes or anything vividly. It is streamlined and minimalist; this looks like a tablet.

    There are two variants

    (i) an eight-inch model with a 1280×800 resolution screen.

    (ii) a ten-inch model with a full HD screen.

    Apart from the smart displays that come from Google Assistant and supports for Chromecast, it has 2×2 microphone arrays and 20 W speakers.

Lenovo Smart Display

Buy (starts at $149.99)

  1. Harman Kardon Allure: The first thing that appeals to the users is its classy and stylish appearance with a pretty funky design and a lovely transparent body and lighting features. It has four far-field microphones that can easily hear our voice from another adjacent room also. It has a 3.5-inch subwoofer and three full-range drivers. Like Amazon Echo, you could get access to amazing Alexa skills as the involved speakers to come with the Alexa voice assistant.

Harman Kardon Allure

Buy ($149.95)

  1. Apple HomePod: The Apple HomePod is powered by Apple’s Smart Assistant, Siri, and is undoubtedly the best choice for iOS users. It is a breakthrough speaker that adapts to the surrounding environment and provides high fidelity audio services. When assembled with Apple Music and Siri, the results are highly outstanding. It has a six-microphone array and support for multi-room audio playback.

Apple HomePod

Buy ($349)

  1. Triby Smart Speakers: It is the first portable smart speaker enabled by Amazon’s Alexa with a practically adorable look. It stands as Internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and can also preset Internet radio stations and even Spotify playlist for one-button access. In addition to this, it also provides information, broadcast news, play music, control smart home devices. All these are done with a sweet addressing word ‘Alexa’ spoken by you.

Triby Smart Speaker

Buy ($99)

  1. Mycroft Mark 1: Mycroft Mark 1 is the world’s first open-source (both software and hardware) voice assistant developed under Mycroft in 2015. Its skills include answering factual questions, performs basic activities like informing about date time, weather, broadcasts news, sets alarms, playing music, radio, podcasts, movies, videos, etc. It also controls WiFi connected and smart home devices and is capable of utilizing sources like Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha, etc. to collect information.        Buy ($179.99)
  1. JBL Link View Smart Speaker: Being powered by Google Assistant, JBL provides an integrated display with an eight-inch touchscreen. One can easily work for hands-free and perform essential activities with the help of its built-in voice assistants. There is also a built-in camera shutter and microphone mute that works vitally in terms of privacy and security.

BL Link View Smart Speaker

Buy ($249.95)

  1. Sonos One: The gorgeous looking Alexa – powered smart speaker Sonos one has built-in voice control that provides convenience over every adjacent smart appliance. It is a compatible and versatile speaker backed by a pair of class- D amplifiers and custom built-in drivers that renders meticulously tuned rich sound. There is also an LED light indicator that ensures the user about the speaker’s active or inactive conditions. It can resist humidity and thus can be played in bathrooms and outdoor patios with the help of a WiFi connection and a power socket.

Sonos One

Buy ($198.95)

10. Harman Kardon Invoke: This intelligent voice-activated speaker with premium sound is powered by Cortana and Microsoft and works well with Windows and Cortana. It has seven far-field microphones that allow the user to hear anything from another room. This speaker is probably the best option for Microsoft devices, as well as smartphones. It can deliver 360° sound given from 3 woofers, 3 tweeters, and two passive radiators. You can easily make hands free Skype calls, voice control your smart devices, set and receive reminders, manage schedules, listen to music and news, and a lot more.

Harman Kardon Invoke

Buy ($64.48 on Amazon; $199.95 on Harman-Kardon)

I hope this article proves beneficial in helping you to pick out the one matching your choice and convenience. Let us know your views and experiences after using any of these speakers.


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