Top 3 Healthy Restaurants in BGC

restaurants in BGC

Are you a health advocate that just found a fort condo for sale? Don’t fret because BGC has everything that you might be looking for! As the leading place where commerce and the nightlife are always growing and living, there will always be something that will satisfy what you are looking for.

For instance—every foodie out there is always looking for the next best place to eat. But have you ever thought of the best healthy restaurants that you can find in BGC? Someone who is very conscious about their health will definitely appreciate this—so without further ado, here are the top 3 healthy restaurants in BGC!

  • The Wholesome Table
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Found in both Makati and BGC, this establishment has already made a name for itself as the place where almost all health enthusiasts choose to go. It is considered to be one of the pioneer restaurants in the country that brought healthy food to the mainstream.

This restaurant offers a menu filled with food that has a focus on healthy and wholesome food alternatives. It prides itself as a restaurant that uses locally-sourced products, particularly seafood caught in the wild and free-range poultry.

Their menu has a healthy dose of salad, pizza, pasta and gluten-free pastries. It is absolutely something that health enthusiasts would call their safe haven!

  • Salad Stop
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Seldom will you see a restaurant that specializes in vegetables? Salad stop is a restaurant that makes vegetables the centre of their dishes. Right now, it is one of the few restaurants that focus on salads as their main products all over the Philippines.

The salad stop is originally a concept from Singapore that was integrated into the Philippines in order for Filipinos to try and embrace a healthy lifestyle. They even add a calorie count in their menu for those who are very conscious when it comes to their calorie intake.

As their name is Salad stop, they have a plethora of salads to choose from. With the wide range of their menu as well as an option to create your own salad, you will definitely find something that will suit your taste buds!

  • Aivee Café
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Within the A Institute, this café sets itself out as one of the few places that have meals that are specially made to bring harmonize delicious flavours and balanced nutrition. It prides itself in the comfort food, amazingly healthy drinks and scrumptious desserts that are all certified to be nutritionally acceptable, particularly as part of their prescription-based diet detox program.

The best thing about aivee café is that all of its meals are structured as such based on a nutritionist’s perspective, making sure that everything that comes out of their kitchen will definitely be a healthy, yet delicious treat.

Key Takeaway

A lot of places near fort condos for sale are filled with a number of restaurants and places to go to. In BGC, you will almost never be bored with what you’ll find. For health enthusiast out there, make sure that you visit these three restaurants in bgc and try out their extremely delicious and healthy menu!


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