Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of Doctors


The doctor’s clinic can be a scary place for kids. They will scream and cry at just the thought of having to visit. And parents will resort to every technique in the book to get their child to the doctor.

Small bribes and empty threats are a few of their favorites. When none of this work, they seek help from many a medical franchise in the Philippines but still come up with nothing.

As a parent you know your child best and you are the best person to solve this problem. It will be hard but luckily for you we have some tips that will help you with the matter. Continue reading below to find out what they are.

Inform them Ahead of Time

It’s best not to use the element of surprise on your child. Talk to your kid about the doctor’s appointment days or a week before it has to happen. Describe in detail the events that will unfold before, after, and during the visit. This way, she/he will know what to expect and won’t be as anxious.

Be Completely Honest

Don’t lie to your kids. If your plan is to trick your kid into going by pretending you’re just out to get ice cream, then things will only get worse.

Kids are smart and perceptive. They will remember moments they were lied to and learn from it. Once they realize what’s happening, they will either go crazy or resent you in that instant.

On the same note, be completely honest about what they will have to do during the visit. Tell them straight up if they will be given shots or required to perform several tests.

Don’t Invalidate their Fear

Everything your child is feeling is completely valid – doctors can be scary and shots hurt. Don’t invalidate their feelings by saying the opposite.

Instead, reassure them that you will be with them as the scary doctor gives them the painful shot. If they cry, hold them. Don’t tell them to look at that other kid who’s so brave for not shedding a single tear.

Allow kids to feel the fear but always assure them that you will stay by their side the whole time, and stay true to your words.

End the Visit Positively

Shower kids with praises regardless of how they acted during the appointment. Give them a kiss or a hug even if it’s just for making it through the whole thing.

If you’re feeling extra generous and proud, you can take the kids out for ice cream or ask them what fun activity they’d like to do. They’re bound to forget about the scary appointment and anticipate the fun things that come afterward during your next visit.

Key Takeaways

The fear of doctors is very common and normal in kids, but it should not be taken into adulthood. You have to rid of this fear while they’re young by being honest with them, showering them with praises, and validating their feelings.

You won’t need any help from any medical franchise in the Philippines to solve this problem. All you have to do is trust in your ability as a parent and you should do well on your own!


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