Telegram introduces video calling in the latest beta update for Android.


Telegram, a popular cloud-based messaging app that was offering voice calls for the last four years, has finally introduced the fast and secure video calling feature for its beta users. The Telegram app has over 400 million users and is now one of the top 10 most downloaded apps. Telegram introduces video calling feature that will bring it in line with its competitors WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and others.

From now onwards, the android users will also be able to use the beta version of Telegram video calling. The company has launched standalone beta APKs.To test and enjoy it. A user needs to download the 0.7 beta version or the standalone beta APKs of the app from Microsoft store. The new version of the Telegram app will operate along with the existing Telegram app.

To start using the new version, one has to login again before using it. The video calling feature is by default enabled in the new 0.7v. For making a video call, the standard three-dot menu button is provided on the right corner of the top of the chat page. The caller and the chatmate use this menu button to select the video call icon.

Telegram’s new video calling is quite a user -friendly. It has an on-screen button to flip between front and rear cameras, turn off/ on video button, mute, and hang-up buttons. The participant in the smaller window can be swapped with the one in the larger window by a simple tap. You can start a video call from the profile page of your contact, who is also having the same beta version. With this version, you can flip video on /off during the voice call. Like all other video content on Telegram, video call supports picture-in-picture mode. This facility allows you to scroll through chats and do multitasking without losing eye contact.

At present Telegram has 100% secured calls between its users on a personal basis. Soon in the coming months, it will offer video calls with more features. Telegram is working towards launching group video calls in the coming months. The results of this beta testing through received feedbacks from the users will be used to make it more perfect. Once the Telegram’s video calling beta testing is over a stable video calling version will emerge for the common user.

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