So, you have found some of the best of sportsmen out there and finally created your sports team. Kudos on that. Now, brace yourself because a phenomenally interesting thing awaits you.

That thing is a personalised sports kit and it is breaking the trends in the sports industry. Widely opted by leading sports clubs and sports teams, it has carved a niche in the industry already. The reason behind that is simple. Every sports club and sports team want their players to, a) look appealing; b) feel comfortable, and c) leave a mark.


As a sports team that is rather new on the field, you would need something extraordinary on top of your game to leave a greater impact. And your personalised sports kit will help you do exactly that.

How to design your own sportswear?

This task that may appear massive is in fact quite easy. Although it is true that the majority of your energy, while performing this task, will go into finding the right manufacturer, but beyond this step it is a super-easy ride. And as your guiding angels here, we will make it easy for you by introducing you to the leading customised sportswear and sports equipment manufacturer, Zapkam. On top of the ease in operations, supreme quality, smooth delivery, and various useful facilities, Zapkam offers a free online 3D kit designer to help you design your own sportswear.

How does a free online 3D Kit Designer work?

It works smoothly if you ask us. Certainly, you would need to sign up with the manufacturer online to be able to use this kit designer. So, begin by signing up. Then, choose the sport and sportswear, followed by choosing the right style. That would lead you to the 3D Kit Designer, where step-by-step you would be asked to choose the colours, and add logo/s, name/s, and initial/s. The steps could vary on your choice of design, style, and manufacturer.

What’s next?

Once you have finalized the choices, and created a 3D mock-up of your sportswear, you would be asked to choose the sizes and quantity. That is followed by two final steps, which are, adding an address for delivery and making the payment.

How can buying a personalised sports kit help your sports team?

In a number of ways. One, it helps you in branding your sports team aptly by choosing the right colours that not only go with you team’s or club’s logo but also represent your team well. Two, it helps you in announcing your associations with sponsors. Three, it gives you the autonomy to not only design your own sportswear and place your order but track the delivery easily as well. Four, it helps you in choosing a comfortable style and fabric for your teamwear. Five, having it is crucial in the present-day’s competitive environment.

Having said that, buying yourself a personalised sports kit is as much an investment as it is a branding opportunity. And with manufacturers like Zapkam, designing one is extremely easy as well.


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