How to speed up Windows 10


Windows 10 is the most popular OS nowadays. It replaced the window 7 and became the favorite desktop OS. Windows 10 is quite fast and responsive as compared to old Windows versions. As in Windows 10. lots of apps are installed in your computer it slows down your computer speed.

Here, we will discuss how you can speed up Windows 10:-


  1. DISABLE STARTUP PROGRAMS:- When you switch on your computer, startup programs automatically start running. Even when you have not initiated the startup programs manually, it automatically opened in the background. These apps slow down the computer speed. If you want to stop these programs automatically running in the background then follow these steps to speed up your Windows 10:-


  1. In your computer right-click on the taskbar, and you have to open the Task Manager.

boost windows 10 speed


  1. You will see so many tabs open. Click on the “Startup” tab from these options. Then you will see the list of applications, right-click the app which you want to stop in background and tap on the “Disable.” When you turn your computer, this will speed up your computer.

increase windows 10 speed


  1. DISABLE BACKGROUND APPS:-Background apps are those Windows apps which work in the background to get notifications and updates. The apps working in the background and slow down the speed of the computer. So if you want to speed up your computer, you need to disable the background apps. Follow these steps:-


  1. In your computer, open the windows settings and tap on the “Privacy.”

speed up Windows 10


  1. On the left pane, you have to open the “Background apps” tab. On the top, you will see the “Let apps run in the background” option, disable that option. This will disable your background apps and speed up your computer.

windows 10 background apps


  1. UNINSTALL MULTIPLE ANTIVIRUS PROGRAMS:- Some users install many antivirus programs to secure the computer, but this is not good for your computer. When you install many antivirus programs, this will slow down your computer. In Windows 10, no need to install any antivirus because of Windows Defender pre-installed. The Malwarebytes clean your computer and speed up your computer.



  1. BY MANAGING WINDOWS SETTINGS:- When you change some windows settings, this will speed up your computer. Here are the options:-



  1. On your computer open the “Settings” and tap on the “System” option.=

system info


  1. On the left pane, tap on the “Power & Sleep” menu. Then on the right pane, tap on the “Additional Power Settings.”

Power & Sleep


  1. After that, in the control panel, you have to select “High Performance” in the power plan. After doing this, you will see the performance of your computer.

power option windows 10



  1. On your computer open the “Settings” and tap on the “Privacy” option.



  1. Then move to the “Diagnostics and feedback” tab, and you have to change this tab into the “basic.” This will stop sending a large amount of data in the background.

Diagnostics and feedback

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