Snapchat Now Allows You to Draw in 3D Right from Its Camera

Snapchat now allows you to draw 3D

Snapchat has launched a new “3D Paint” feature that will enable users to create AR snaps quickly. As the name mentions, by this feature, Snapchat users can paint over their faces and everything else that occurs in front of the camera.

3D Paint feature supports both front camera and rear camera. This means you are not restricted to playing around with just your face. You can use this feature to pretty much draw on anything that appears in front of your rear camera and front camera. You can use the tools in the front or rear-facing camera, allows you to add new effects to whatever you like. If this feature sounds common, that is because it is related to AR Doodle feature proposed by Samsung along with the Note 10. See the picture of the car below:-



The feature has started working out for iOS users earlier this week. Android users, to use this new feature will have to wait for a while. Snapchathas mentioned that in the coming months, this feature would be coming on Android. Android users will have patience and wait for some time. But, if you’re an iPhone smartphone user, you can access this feature from the Create section in the AR Bar of Snapchat. This new update combines more productive capacity through free-form drawing, but the idea is relatively similar.

Snapchat is gambling on AR as a viable technology for boosting its appearance as a social media platform. The company freshly collaborated with brands like OnePlus and Spotify for the AR lens. The changes in the strategy are indeed displaying on the user engagements, which holds as of Q3 2019 about 210 million daily active users.

So, what do you suggest of this latest Snapchat’s 3D Paint feature? Will you use it? Tell us in the comments about this feature.

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