How to Save Money for College Students


With all the tasks and assignments you have lined up, saving money is probably the last thing you will think about as a college student. It seems like the more you save, the more your list of expenses grow. Especially if you are studying in the best culinary school in the Philippines, there are materials that you will shell out money for.

Saving up is a great opportunity to prepare for your future but it is difficult to save up because even the essentials will cost you and now that we have mentioned the best culinary school in the Philippines, let’s go to the subject of food.

How are you going to save up when the stress that college gives you makes you hungry all the time, right? On top of that, you have to think about the books and school supplies you need to buy.

Good thing you stumbled upon this article because this is your guide in keeping your wallet healthy, read on below!

Create a Budget

It doesn’t matter if it is made for your daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly needs. Sticking to a budget will make you think twice before making a purchase. Start by asking yourself what you need and how you can differentiate it from what you want.

Find the right balance in your expenses that starts with making a budget. There are many different savings and budgeting methods you can try and choose the best one that fits your lifestyle.

Consider Buying Used Textbooks

They are a cheaper alternative to books you purchase from a book store. There isn’t much difference, they have the same information that the brand new book has. This way, you can save the remaining money you have.

Or if you really need to buy a brand new textbook, look around for those with the best prices. You can either find them online or in other book shops beside your university store where prices can be too steep.

Commute instead of Hailing a Taxi or Driving a Car

This will drain your funds for obvious reasons. There are taxi operators who charge a little too much in exchange for your travel and bringing your car means you have to pay for gas, parking fees or if you’re unlucky, maybe even a parking ticket.

The alternative is a small fare for a bus or a jeepney ride. Take your pick.

Bring a Packed Lunch to School

Instead of eating out, you can bring a packed lunch to school so you will save more. This way, you can even personalize your food for school. If you want to eat healthy, then opt for a light meal plan that can give you an energy boost.

You can still use the money you will save from your meal plans by going grocery shopping for your next packed lunch.

Key Takeaway

This guide on how to save money for students will just be that, if you do not follow these steps in saving money. Your adult self will thank you if you mind your expenses during your college days. Start saving up and invest for your future!


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