Relevance of Microsoft Excel in 2019

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In this age of sophisticated new-age tools it is hard to fathom why do people still use Excel and more interestingly why do skilled data professionals still use it!

Here are top 3 reasons people still love Excel and why you too should acquire proficiency in using advanced Excel-

  • Accessibility!

There is no doubt that Excel suffers from flaws and there are better programs out there. Especially, in the field of data science Python, Tableau or SAS rules. However, none of them are as simple as Excel. You do not need any special arrangement for installing it and you certainly do not need sophisticated hardware to run Excel and you can use even a hand-held device to do that!

Moreover, all of us have been using Excel since our childhood and generations before us have too! Thus, Excel is not just a trusted spreadsheet program but also a highly popular tool which is easily accessible and can be used whenever wanted.

  • MS Excel packs a good punch!

Although, Excel is no longer the big brother in the world of data it still packs a punch. The AnalaysisToolPak is instrumental in performing advanced analytics tasks which includes Machine Learning, Variance analysis and descriptive analytics.

If you are comfortable using Python as the scripting language in your data science activities, you can easily access it in Excel and you can even access Python libraries like Pandas, SciPy and NumPy. Thus, you can continue using Excel while moving on to advanced tasks with Python!

  • Simplicity and popularity

The greatest reason why Excel is still relevant is the fact that it has been always popular and the go-to spreadsheet program for millions belonging to a multitude of fields. With more than 750 million Excel users world-wide, Excel still commands a good market share.!

How beneficial can be a course in Excel?

If you are a data science aspirant or seeking a career in top fields like data analytics or business analytics, then it is highly recommended that you gain proficiency in advanced Excel before moving to dedicated tools like Python package or R.

 Incidentally, a Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia can help you gain proficiency and provide you with added benefits. Malaysia boasts a flourishing digital industry and requires more and more skilled data professionals. But there is a lack of such professionals in the country and you can easily take advantage of that with a Microsoft Excel training in Malaysia!


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