Reasons Why Empathetic Leaders Are the Best Leaders


Empathetic Leaders – When it comes to the root fundamentals of leadership and public speaking training here in the Philippines, empathy is arguably the most important factor that plays a significant role in being an effective figure.

Empathy basically means attaining and exercising the ability to truly understand the needs, thoughts, and feelings of others. At the most intrinsic level, leadership is all about others and having the capacity to inspire them in their capabilities.

Let’s take a good look at some of the main points that illustrate how empathy truly is the core center of every Empathetic Leader:

Creating Bonds

When you find it in yourself to have a genuine sense of care for others, you are already on the path to creating strong bonds. The better you are at connecting and understanding the interests and outlooks of others can incite undeniable power in your team. Empathy creates a strong sense of strength within a team. The key is to understand where your teammates are coming from.

 Providing Insight

The most vital thing that you should keep in your mind and heart is to listen intently to others in order to grasp and inherit where they are coming from with their reasoning and sentiments. Once you truly listen, you learn – when you learn, you gain clear insight. There is a narrative, line of reasoning, and feelings behind every member of a team, empathy opens the avenues that avoid the dangers of assumptions and false judgments.

 Teaching Presence

Empathy essentially means attentive listening and allocating complete focus on whoever you are in communication with. As a leader, you should never be inattentive and easily distracted when tackling critical issues. Empathy guides you to understand, support, and assist. Having a presence is built on the foundation of putting importance and finding ways to have their moment. Empathy and presence teach a leader to be patent, critical, and humble.

 Better Understanding

It’s very clear that there are many difficulties that come with attempting to understand the feelings and thoughts of others. With empathy in heart, you would not have to deal with worry because you know that to respond is to listen; not to reply but to attain understanding.

 Cultivating Improved Communication

Properly executing genuine empathy is not easy; it requires true reflection, effort, initiative, and awareness. One of the most valuable qualities that come easy for great leaders is to give and receive trust with others. Building any kind of relationship means having an honest and sincere curiosity with people –to understand and have a heartfelt notion of dreams, aspirations, goals. Being a leader means asking all the right questions. These all lead towards a clear and concise exchange of ideas.

Key Takeaway

If you feel a deep and burning desire to be the best leader that you can be, you have to learn to effectively communicate. A great pragmatic starting point is to take public speaking training here in the Philippines. But the most critical component to keep in mind is the unmistakable value of being able to empathize with others.


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