Reasons why you should reduce the number of resting days?


Have you been looking for accomplishing quick results in terms of muscle growth and fat loss? Many people say that you need to take adequate amount of rest in between your working out days. For instance, if you are working for 5 days a week then you can take a break of 2 days. This is good for those who aren’t chasing improved results and faster fat loss. On the flip side, you should try to train 7 days a week provided you are looking to accomplish better results in a shorter duration of time.

Many of you will be thinking that won’t it be like you are overstraining your body and not letting it rest at all.  Well, you don’t need to worry at all about overtraining, because the human body is made in a way that we can work everyday after sleeping for good 8 to 9 hours, says a qualified health coach with certification in fitness courses in Mumbai.

With the professional guidance and support you can perform full-body training program safely without any sort of injury. Here are some of the reasons that have been recommended by a qualified personal instructor for reducing the number of rest days in between your workout regimen for achieving improved results:

Reason 1: Improved Fat Burning

Generally speaking, there is no denying the fact that the more physically active you stay, the more calories you tend to burn, and hence the more quickly you tend to lose the stubborn fat. Being physically active is directly proportional to burning more calories and losing fat. However, another trick as recommended by a qualified health coach with certification in fitness courses in Mumbai is that you when you do the resistance training that it basically breaks your muscle fiber every day and which in turn helps you in burning more fat throughout the day and become lean.

Reason 2: Improved Muscle Growth

As per the studies, it has been revealed that when you train your muscle group each and every day, you tend to boost your muscle growth and strength to a great extent. Here we would say the same thing as we mentioned in the above point- that is you need to break your muscle fiber to make them grow and improve your strength. If you are looking forward to getting improved result quickly, then probably you should try to reduce the number of resting days.

Reason 3: Promotes Overall Better Health

Last but the least, the most pivotal aspects for improvement of the overall health is that you should perform one or other sort of physical activity every day in the form of exercise. Those individuals who have very slow metabolism rate can actually boost their metabolism rate to a great extent with regular physical activities. Above all, everyday training will help you promote improved health, reduces the risk of some critical diseases like depression, heart disease, and cancer, saysa qualified health coach with certification in fitness courses in Mumbai.


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