3 Reasons to Live and Work in Makati


Balancing work and life in the Philippines can be difficult, especially since a significant portion of the workforce hails from provinces and traffic is always tough to deal with. To lessen the fatigue, many opt to stay in apartments or dormitories during work days, and in metropolitan areas like Makati and the fort, condos for sale and apartments for rent are a common sight.

Whether you are originally from rural or suburban areas, deciding to live in a fully urban area can be initially intimidating. It is, after all, an entirely different environment from what you have grown accustomed to, and requires some adjustments in your lifestyle.

However, once you have gotten used to it, living and working in the city isn’t actually as difficult as it may first appear to be. Makati, in particular, is home to many offices and residences, making it a top city to stay and do your work in. Listed below are three reasons to live and work in Makati:

  1. Much Less Travel Time

The daily commute is the bane of Filipino employees. It consumes way too much time, and it’s even more tiresome than the eight hours of work in the office. Commuting gets you to where you need to go, but it also tires you out before and after work.

Working in Makati and having a place there eliminates the need to allot valuable hours into just the travel. Residences are strategically located in the vicinities of offices across the city, and your travel time can be cut to as low as 15 minutes—so you can forget about waking up at 6 AM if your work is at 9, and getting home at 8 PM if you’re out by 6.

  1. Places of Interests are Everywhere

Malls, fancy restaurants, or quaint bars, you name it—all of them are accessible when you’re in Makati. Whether you decide to eat out after work or have a drink with a friend, there’s no problem.

Makati is more than just about fancy lights and busy roads. It is also filled with places of interests to the brim—not to mention that it also has some “hidden” attractions waiting to be discovered.

  1. You’re Going to Feel Better Overall

Less time spent stressing over how you could be late, more rest, and a better control over your work-life balance will surely improve how you generally feel on a daily basis. Instead of being fatigued most of the time, you’re refreshed everyday, and you don’t have to worry about not having time for yourself or your social life.

Getting home early is now a possibility, your productivity in the office will even improve, and you will be physically, mentally, and emotionally better.

Key Takeaway

The struggle in traffic alone is enough to stress out most Filipino workers, and there are still other factors such as the difficulty of the job and the daily struggles in life. Living and working in office centers such as Makati affords numerous benefits, such as alleviating the worries about traffic and more time for yourself. The transition to living in an urban location may appear to be difficult, but over time, it gets easier, and helps make work much less taxing.


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