Reasons Why Installing Solar Panels Are Worth it


The price of a solar panel in the Philippines has dropped drastically over the past few years and the same thing is happening all over the world.

Prices are dropping mostly due to the fact that the technology needed to create it got cheaper. Businesses are also starting to fund the technology since it has proven its profitability.

Does this mean that solar is the energy of the future? Well, it may still be too early to tell, but one thing we can say for sure is solar panels are worth the investment and here’s why.

Huge Savings on Electricity

People who make use of solar panels have lowered their electric bill by at least 50%. Of course, this won’t be the same case for everyone since it will still depend on the size of your panel and your daily electricity use.

You can increase that percentage by adding more panels and it will naturally decrease the less panels you have. Either way, you will still be able to cut your electricity bill a significant amount.

If you don’t use much electronics, then you may even end up not having to pay for electricity at all, but that would be a rare and exceptional feat.

Quick Return on Investment

Sure, initial cost will have you spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of pesos, but the quick return on investment will have you realizing that it was all worth every cent.

In as little as 5 years, the solar panels are going to start paying for themselves and you will be left with nothing but pure savings and profits.

Worst case here is that it takes double or triple that time for your investment to return, but even then you can still double your investment since these panels are made to last for at least 25 years.

Increase Property Value

What worries most people is how ugly these panels will make their houses, eventually diminishing property value – this is only true a quarter of the time.

Solar panels can actually increase the price of your house. Think of it this way: you’re selling a house that is efficiently and effectively generating its own energy. When you spin it right, you’re bound to attract prospective buyers.

Additionally, solar panels don’t have to make your roof ugly. Install them in a way that would increase the aesthetics of your house not ruin it.

Key Takeaway

Solar technology is slowly on the rise and there’s no denying that investing on them now is a wise decision, especially when the solar panel price in the Philippines is at a low.

It benefits you both in the short and long term. Your investment will return to you in a few years’ time, and while you’re waiting for it to come, you can enjoy your low electricity bills. Not to mention you can increase the value of your home just by installing these panels.

The benefits you gain from this technology surely outweigh whatever downside you think it has, so why wait when you can start investing on the future now!


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