How to Do Professionals Handle Sports Photography?

sports photography

Sports Photography can be quite challenging if the subject is moving quickly. It’s not easy to focus on and capture details of the movement. A professional photographer can capture movement accurately, make sure the photograph remains dynamic, and the details remain vivid. They might make it look easy, but this type of photography requires a lot of practice and the knowledge of how the equipment works.


This post highlights how professionals handle action sports photography Webster NY. This will give you an insight into the work that goes into creating that perfect shot.

  1. They Carry All The Equipment With Them

Sports and action photographers don’t have the luxury of planning every shot in advance. Their subject is unpredictable and the most iconic moment of the game can happen at any time. Professionals will always carry their spare lenses, set up, tripods, and other such equipment with them during the photography session. This allows them to switch things up if needed.

  1. They Don’t Take Their Eyes off The Game

Sport is unpredictable. You never know when a player might take the shot or when a wrestler might KO their opponent. A professional photographer is always vigilant, keeping both their eyes and the camera-ready. They also have a feel of the game and know how to recognize the signs of a build-up to a perfect moment. Photographers develop this instinct over time and can’t be very successful without it.

  1. They Don’t Use Flash

Every photographer worth their salt knows that flash doesn’t do them their favors. It can cast a yellowish light on the picture or make it overexposed. The most experienced professionals know when to use this tool and when to avoid it entirely. This is especially critical in sports photography because flash is forbidden in most games and sporting events. The flair of light can distract the players and make them lose their focus. Instead of using flash, photographers will bump up the ISO settings. This increases the camera’s ability to capture natural or ambient light and that leads to well-lit pictures.


  1. They Refrain from Checking Their Pictures After Every Shot

As mentioned before, photographers need to keep their eye on the game at all times, especially when something interesting is going on in the field. The last thing you want to do is look at your camera’s LCD screen while someone is just about to score a goal. You might miss your money shot if you do. Professionals usually don’t glance at the LCD screen during sports photography. They will keep clicking pictures until there’s a break and then check the pictures. Some wait until they’re in their studio to check their photographs. This requires some confidence, but it is a mark of a true professional. 

  1. The Plan the Composition Carefully

Truly spectacular sports or action photographs are composed beautifully. Professionals make sure the subject is in the right place and the background adds to the picture instead of overwhelming it with clutter. For example, a professional working on sports photography soccer will want to capture the players, but might also want to take a few pictures of the stadium and the cheering fans. Sometimes, the most interesting pictures include more than the players or the field. 

  1. They Have the Right Glass

Sports photography requires sophisticated equipment. It requires great lenses in particular because photographers don’t always get the opportunity to be close to the field. A good lens will allow them to zoom and capture interesting details even if they’re far away.

Modern cameras and smartphones come with sophisticated lenses and image processors, but they’re not a replacement for pure skill. Action sports photography is best handled by experienced professionals. If you want to capture a loved one triumph during a game, hire a professional for the job.


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