All You Need to Know About Atherton Real Estate


Buying a property is an expensive affair. You need to make your decisions carefully and ensure you have all the facts regarding the prospective investment. You need a reliable real estate agent for this purpose, especially if you’re looking to invest in high-value property. Atherton, CA has some of the most expensive properties in the U.S. It is home to some of the most magnificent homes and buildings in the state and it is easy to lose millions by making the wrong decision here.

In this article, we discus some facts about Atherton Real Estate for sale to help ensure you have a good foundation for making real estate purchase or sale decisions. It is a good idea to discuss further with a qualified real estate agent with experience in handling this territory.


The Atherton Real Estate Market

Atherton, CA is a highly competitive market. Houses here get multiple favorable offer and most of the homes sell around 1% above the listing price. This shows just how in-demand the houses in the location are. The best and more well-designed homes sell of nearly 7% above their listing price and can vanish from the market in less than 12 days.

The average sale price of Atherton real estate is around $3.3 million and the average days on the listing is around 25 to 40 days. Most homes will receive at least one offer during this period. Owners will consider multiple offers before settling on the most suitable one.

Atherton Luxury Real Estate

Most of the Atherton homes fall under the luxury market category. The average rate per square feet is $1,700, which is a substantial increase from the previous year. The market shows an upward trend and the home prices might increase in the upcoming months.

Most of the homes have at least 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. The location has single-family homes, condos, and apartments for different sizes. Many of those homes have additional amenities like pools, large garage spaces, landscaped backyards, etc. You can easily find a property that suits all of your requirements here.

Atherton Neighborhoods

Atherton has several interesting and unique neighborhoods. Each of them have their own character and appeal, which means prospective buyers need to investigate all options carefully before making a decision. Here’s a look at some of the most well-known neighborhoods in Atherton

  • Atherton Fair Oaks – This neighborhood is charming, safe, and full of beautiful properties. The location is near a freeway, which means you will have a relatively easy commute to different areas in the region. This neighborhood is very secure and well-maintained, ideal for people of all ages.
  • MP Villas – This neighborhood is ideal for people who love greenery and parks. It is also dog-friendly and there’s a lot of room for people to explore the outdoors. The well-maintained parks attract joggers, dog walkers, and outdoor explorers alike.
  • Victoria Manor – This location is a little more lively and urban compared to MP Villas. There are shopping malls and other such establishments in close proximity. The location is well-maintained and secure, which makes it an ideal choice for young families with children.
  • Lindenwood – This neighborhood is quiet, peaceful, and family-friendly. It attracts people who enjoy a little bit of privacy and solitude. It is also quite dog-friendly and there are many places where you can take your pet out for a walk.
  • West of Alameda – This is one of the more well-known neighborhoods in Atherton. Like other locations here, it is safe for people of all ages. West of Alameda is peaceful and well-maintained. It has a lot of greenery and a welcoming atmosphere that will appeal to all kinds of buyers.

If you want to buy a luxury home here, all you need is a reliable real estate agent who can offer detailed information and straightforward advice.


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