Presence on the internet is important for any kind of business in the current times of digitization. The presence of a company’s website on the internet directly depends on how strong their SEO tactics and strategies are. Travel and tourism are one of the high earning businesses of all time. It is important for any travel agent company whether old or new to have a Best Travel SEO Company in their hand for increasing their SEO capabilities.

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According to a recent study, the global travel booking’s gross amount just hit the big amount $1.6 trillion in 2017, which makes it one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now. Now to take a sip from this ocean or take a huge part it is up to the owner’s decision on investing in SEO. It has been noted down that most of the people who book their tickets, or rooms, or other travel essentialities via online services perform them on mobile phones. Thus, particularly mobile devices’ search result SEO should be the one to be worked upon for increasing the visibility in mobile search results. According to the data published by Google, the search queries people put into the search engine are of two types. First one is brand specific i.e., people are typing in their preferred choice of brand for their required services, and the second one is people are just putting their required service provider’s name. The latter one is known as the category searching and this one has the most probability of fetching more and more traffic to the business via SEO. SEO may be considered as the way of increasing the visibility of the business to its respective clients. But its worth is greater than that. SEO is not as simple as just making the business go in front of the client. In the bigger picture, it consists of the capability of researching, discussing, and sharing information and much more.


Source: Quora

Importance of Link building in travel SEO

High-end link building is also an important part of SEO strategy. When a person is searching about some brand or company related to the travel sector, it is obvious that he/she may go to other places than just the website of the company for gaining more knowledge. Link building is necessary for acquiring a presence in trusted platforms. These platforms are also highly congested with internet traffic so they are a good way to attain more and more traffic. But the level of dedication and time needed for this link building job is beyond a single person’s capability. That is why Best Travel SEO Company should be appointed for the job to be accomplished; otherwise, it will do no good as per the requirement.

SEO or search engine optimizations for travel companies are different from that of any other SEO campaigns. The Best Travel SEO Company that has been present in the market for a while now has a proper idea about how to deal with the SEO campaigns of travel agencies.


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