How to Meet Baba Ramdev In Person and Face to Face

how to meet baba ramdev personally

Baba Ramdev is a popular Yoga instructor and business leader in India. He is widely known as one of the influencing personalities in Yoga field in India. He owns the popular business brand, Patanjali, which is involved in several businesses. Patanjali is a market leader in several business products.

In this article, we have provided the best guide on how to meet Baba Ramdev in person and face to face. So, let’s read!

5 Best Ways to Meet Baba Ramdev Personally and Face to Face

  1. Request an Appointment Through The Mail

He is a very busy person and hence contacting him through the mail is the best way to approach him. You should have a good idea or something solid write up to meet him in person. You should send your letter to the following address.

Respected Baba Ramdev Ji
Patanjali Yogpeeth,
Maharshi Dayanand Gram,
Delhi-Haridwar National Highway,
Near Bahadarbad,

Telephone: +91-1334-240008
Fax: +91-1334-244805, 240664

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  1. Yoga Shibir

Ramdev baba often visits several cities in India and abroad for giving lectures or teaching yoga. So, it is also the best time to meet him personally. However, you should have good contact with the local organizer. Try to express your keen desire to meet Sh. Ramdev Baba otherwise, the local organizer would not be interested to help you.

  1. Contact Local Centre

Patanjali has many centers around the world. It would be great if you could contact them and ask to help you in the procedure of meeting Baba Ramdev personally. A few of them have good contacts with the headquarters of Patanjali company. So, try this method at least once.

  1. Contact Media Person

He often participates in media programs and events. So, you should try to contact any electronic media person and ask him/her to help you with meeting Ramdev baba. Try to contact electronic media person through your mutual friend otherwise, he/she would not take any interest to help you in the matter.

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  1. In the Press Conference

Baba organizes press conference throughout the year. It’s a good chance to meet him there. However, it’s a little bit difficult if you are not able to accompany any of the popular journalists at the press conference.

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So, best of luck and share your experience after you met him!

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