Let’s Talk about the Industrial Power generator Manufacturers in Delhi


Generators are a way of electricity for a comprehensive range of industrial, commercial and residential systems. They can be used as a primary power source, an alternative or supplements source, or as a back-up source in case of emergency or power failure.

The power generator manufacturers, without any doubt, are the backbone of Delhi. There are companies that are counted amongst the industrial dg set distributors Delhi. When the power goes out due to grid failures or due to the inventory losses with all that heavy lifting, you need a genuine power to keep you operating during an outage. You do not need to worry. Making use of industrial power provides the muscle you need. You might know that generators have the regular use in a multitude of industries, including mining, medical, film production military, and construction operation. At OVN, we provide you with an uninterruptible power system which is used to secure and protect the critical equipment from the mains/grid outage and perturbations.

We provide you with tailor-made solutions using innovative ideas and applications. No break systems are market leaders and have the largest share of this business in Delhi. We are one of the leading industrial power generators manufacturers’. We help you provide reliable and efficient power solutions. Thus, we have a global network of official services and spare parts centers.

Remanufacturing services

We also offer you the cost-effective repair and remanufacturing services to help you extend the useful life cycle of your alternator. Strong process and stringent quality checks return worn, end of life alternators to a like new state with comparable performance. All manufacturing is done at our facilities to ensure that exact specification and high workmanship standards are met. The remanufactured alternators live with a new 12-month factory warranty on all replacement parts and encourage you to buy these, relying on our manufacturing capabilities. You are assured of a superior factory build quality.


We are the most trusted industrial power generators manufacturers of Delhi. Generator maintenance is a complex subject. To avoid the blackouts or failure to respond, the prime mover is often at the core of maintenance programs, fuel filters, lubrication, overheating, and vibrations etc.  The alternator is a vertical component of the generators that require specific attention and care. So, if any point of time, you get to identify any early signs that might cause serious problems, avail our maintenance services.

At OVN, we leave no stone unturned to make the power available to you at every point in time. We are into getting you the best generator service to ensure effective working of the generators whenever you need them. Therefore, in order to provide you with the highest service level, our team of experts instantly handles your request to provide the best possible assistance. We ensure that our local service team or our service partner reaches you on time and resolve the issues you have. So, give our services a try!



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