Indispensable Autoclave Sterilizer Designed for Dental Instruments


Autoclave dental sterilizer is specially designed for the sterilization of the dental instruments. The simpler version of dental autoclave comes more or less in the shape of a pressure cooker but the automated ones come in varied designs and shape. You can pick and choose any that fits in your requirement. It functions through gravity, vacuum induced or pre-vacuum sterilization methods. It is a process to sterilize and disinfect the instruments used at the dental clinics. The dental autoclave can sterilize solids, liquids, hollows, and instruments of different sizes and shapes. It comes in different capacity ranging from few liters to 1580 liters. It is an indispensable accessory, one-stop solution for immaculate disinfection and sterilization. It helps to keep the used instruments infection-free for further use without contamination.

Designed For

An autoclave is designed purposely for the disinfection and the sterilization of a wide range of articles, ranging from metal parts, plastic and rubber components, liquids in sealed containers, clothes, etc. The use of autoclave dental is in multitude and of immense importance in the field of keeping the medical equipment infection and bacteria-free.


Choosing an Autoclave

Different types of autoclaves are available in the market with various features and automated programs. You require to select one that fits in your requirement, salient features, budget, water, and electric plug outlet and a proper space to install.

Types of Autoclaves

As we have discussed earlier, autoclave primarily functions through either gravity, vacuum –induced or pre-vacuum or pre vac sterilization. While there are a few which works with both the mechanisms.

Gravity autoclave with the top loading is the recommended type of autoclave for multiple uses. It is also known as gravity displacement autoclaving, intended for dental clinics due to its simplicity in design and mechanism. It is widely used and best for all type of instruments and non-porous articles. Dental outlets prefer gravity autoclave over the vacuum –induced or pre-vacuum sterilization. You can get different models in the market of the dental sterilizer.

The Features You Should Look For in Autoclave

Easy Installation & Easy to Operate

While purchasing, you should be clear of the installation process. Confirm with the brand about its configuration and the installation. Choose the brand which is not cumbersome in installation and use. Easy to use can be operated even by a layman, you don’t require to employ a certain level of staff to operate. Automated autoclave would be a better choice because you don’t require to peep through for the process to end.

Special Characteristics

Assess your requirements before buying and select the one that meets your parameters.

Check the salient features of the dental autoclave:

  • The Capacity
  • Voltage Requirements
  • Electricity Consumption
  • Use of Space
  • The time involved for Sterilization

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance cost is the recurring cost that you have to bear once your autoclave dental is installed. Choose the brand which has low or negligible maintenance cost or longer period of warranty and services. Don’t get swayed by the initial cost, some brand may sound cheap but the recurring cost is quite heavy.


Cost and budget is an important factor in finalizing the purchase of dental autoclave. Always go for the well-known brand which offers timely service and hidden costs are negligible. If you are buying for a large unit, naturally, your expense on the item will be high. It is always better to spend more and be at ease thereafter.

To sum up, watch out for these features if you are planning to buy an autoclave dental sterilizer for your clinic or lab. Think from the long term perspective and after weighing all the pros and cons, finalize one for your space.


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