Wedding Planning 101: 4 Important Catering Tips

4 Important Wedding food Catering Tips

It’s safe to establish the fact that, throughout all the years that a wedding is planned, it is one of the most stressful (yet memorable) times nonetheless! The time you’ll be spending arranging for the wedding décor, wedding wear, and even the wedding food catering is more than enough to send your sanity over the edge—all for the sake of ensuring your big day becomes a perfect day!

With that said, there are definitely a few important wedding food catering tips to follow to ensure that your road to holy matrimony goes off without a hitch! If you want to learn more, read more with these four wedding food catering tips:

  1. ALWAYS Check the Menu

One thing’s that’s sure about wedding food catering, there’s always a menu that needs to be checked before it gets the ‘okay’ signal from you! With that said, simply have a look through the menu and see if any of the options presented to you are your kind of fancy. If not, move along.

  1. ALWAYS Taste the Food

When there’s a menu present on the table, there’s bound to be a food-tasting in store. When appointments are scheduled for food-tasting, just make sure to attend the appointments and taste what you can taste. That way, when something is out of favor for you, there is a chance you can make changes to the menu, which in turn can prove to be a great thing to do for your guests who may have allergies to whatever may be on the menu.

  1. Make Sure to Talk It Over with Your Clients

For the caterers or anyone who works in the catering business in general who are reading this particular piece, this is one of the most important tips for you to consider. When it comes to coming to a consensus for anything involving catering, specifically wedding food catering, proper communication is the key to ensuring a smooth negotiation process between the two parties.

Plus, a great thing about this is that there are numerous aspects of catering for you to go over, from the menu to the amount of food that’s due to be served on the big day. Either way, whatever deal is presented on the table, make sure to talk it over with your client to ensure a hassle-free catering experience.

  1. Figure Out How Much Food is to be Served

 Speaking of talking to your clients (and as mentioned before), this is one of the most important matters for discussion as there are numerous venues for the wedding to take place in—and with that said, the quantity of the food being served would have to be at the center of your discussion to ensure that all of the guests are fed accordingly.

In fact, before this matter should be discussed, one of the first things to bring up is none other than the wedding’s guest list. That way, with the number of guests, you can figure out just how much of the food is due to be served on the big day

Key Takeaway

Wedding food catering and other wedding essentials are some of the most important things to include in any wedding package. With these 4 tips, whether you’re the bride/groom, or even the party planner, a perfect wedding is a definite guarantee!


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