How to Modify or Cancel Etihad Flights

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Are you looking for information on how to Modify or Cancel Etihad flight if necessary? Because Etihad Airways recognizes that plans change, they enable travelers to modify or cancel a flight in an emergency. When you modify a flight with an airline, you can add certain eligible changes to your trip based on the requirements. On the other side, if you no longer need to travel due to an emergency, you can cancel your flight. More information on how to modify or cancel your Etihad flight due to unforeseen circumstances may be found in the section below.

Discover how to modify your flight with Etihad Airways.

Travelers can apply for a few eligible changes online through Etihad Airways’ website, or they can call the airline to request it. If you change your booking, Etihad Airways may charge you a fee, according to their policy. If you wish to modify your Etihad Airways flight itinerary, you may discover how to do so by following the instructions provided by below.

  • To begin, open a browser and go to the Etihad Airways official website.
  • Then, from the main page, navigate to the Manage Your Booking section.
  • After that, go to the manage booking field and select the change fight option.
  • Then, you must provide a booking reference or ticket number along with your last name.
  • Next hit the Find My Booking button to see a list of all your scheduled flights.
  • Then navigate to the flight you wish to modify and select the change option.
  • Finally, by paying the applicable cost, you can request an eligible modification in your flight.

Find out how to cancel your flight with Etihad Airways.

You can also cancel a flight with Etihad Airways if you are unable to fly due to the occurrence of a major event at the same time. You may request a flight cancellation either online through the airline’s website or by calling their reservation number. If you want to understand how to cancel or change my Etihad flights, follow the steps outlined below.

  • To begin, open your browser and go to Etihad Airways’ official website.
  • Then, from the website’s main menu, select the Manage Booking option.
  • Following that, you must give your flight information, including your reference ID or ticket number.
  • Then, in the designated section, type your last name and hit the find flight button to view your bookings.
  • After that, choose the flight that you’d like to cancel and click the cancel button next to it.
  • When your flight cancellation request reaches the airlines, they will approve it based on eligibility and request payment of the applicable fee.
  • Finally, you can pay the cancellation fee using your selected method and confirm that you want to cancel your Etihad Airways flight.

You can use the information from above to figure out how to change or cancel your Etihad Airways flight in an emergency. Aside from that, you may get additional information about the regulations for changing or canceling your flight in certain areas by phoning the airline’s customer service center. You can also seek assistance from the airlines for any other flight-related issues.


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