Gym Etiquette 101: Rules in Working Out

Gym Etiquette

Gyms are some of the best places for people to go to get fit, lose the weight, and pretty much build muscle to get the dream bod they want. In the Philippines, the best gym can be anything or anywhere you make it to be, especially the nearest one in your own neighbourhood. As long as they come equipped with all the necessary equipment and other regiments that’ll really give you the burn, any gym can be the best gym in the Philippines.

However, like all things in pretty much every aspect of society, gym etiquette must definitely be followed, especially when it comes to working out. With that said, here are some of the best and most important rules in working out:

1. Wipe Down the Equipment After Use

It’s important for a gym to come equipped with the best equipment that everyone can use to get their bodies in shape; however, it’s also just as important for these kinds of equipment to be as clean as they can be.

With that said, simply wipe down the equipment after using them to ensure that the next person who uses them is assured that the equipment they’re about to use is free of any germs left by previous users. In short, not only is this a good promotion for good health and welfare, it’s also a sign of respect for other gym-goers as well. In fact, doing this brings the gym you’re working out in one step closer to being the best gym in the Philippines.

2. Don’t Hog the Equipment

There’s no one worse than a gym-goer that absolutely hogs gym equipment. Every dumbbell, every skipping rope, even every workout mat needs to be used by other gym-goers; and with you hogging them, then that just proves that you’re not exactly a nice person.

When it comes to this, make sure to only use any equipment in the gym only during your set. For instance, if lifting is in your itinerary, then use a couple of dumbbells for your set and set them down when you’re down; or, if cardio is your focus today, then run on the treadmill for at least half an hour or so, then get off the treadmill once you’re done. Either way, giving others a chance to use the equipment for their own workouts is a great way to promote an atmosphere that really makes any gym the best in the Philippines.

3. Take a Shower

Above all else, the best gyms in the Philippines come equipped with certain facilities that are able to keep any gym-goer’s hygiene in check; and speaking of hygiene, though you’re going to be sweating it out for the rest of your sessions, it doesn’t hurt to keep clean and fresh while working out.

With that said, it’s best to take a shower, before and after working out. That way, you’ll be able to avoid any BO issues from happening.

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Gym etiquette is something that not everyone adheres to; though during the occasions it does, harmony and camaraderie are sure to exist in any gym around the country.


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