What Should A Good Website Design Include?

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Living in the digital age, the currency for good business is no longer the zeroes at the end of your bank balance but the zeroes at the end of the number of visits to your website. Earlier, people exhibited brand loyalty. But globalisation brought about by digitisation has resulted in people now having access to enough options to afford the luxury of choosing. Thus, brands have had to step up their game. Nowadays, the biggest chunk of the company’s budget is reserved for brand-building and marketing. And that is exactly what we, as the best company for web design in Peterborough, help brands do.

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How to Create a Good Brand

Brand websites play a huge role in cementing your position in the minds and devices of people. They act as gateways from lead engagement via ads and other marketing tools to successful lead conversion. Even if you have eye-catching promotional posts and ads, it would mean nothing if your landing page does not appeal. So what can you do to make them appealing? As a website designer Peterborough, we tell you how.

Get the design right

The trick for a brilliant UX lies in getting the UI right. This is something that our experts in web development Peterborough cannot stress enough. A good website design should be easy to use and navigate. The design should also be responsive and the theme should be simple and soothing.

CTA and placement must be optimum

The CTA or call to action is the crown of your website. The design of the website and placement of every component should be such that it intuitively leads to the CTA. You should also add an opt-in to help build your email list organically.

The content is the key

People on a website instinctively search for something to read to clue them in to what you are offering them. Any content you put on the site should express that simply. The content should build a story that will motivate the user towards the CTA, something our web design Peterborough always pushes to implement.

Make it personal

There are two ways to accomplish this. You should add reviews by satisfied customers to assure prospective ones of your quality of service. You should also add short bios of some key team members to establish trust with your customers.

Provide ample support

Your website should mandatorily provide links to a knowledgebase and also contain contact information and preferably a physical address. The FAQs and contact channels assure the user that if they get stuck, they would not have to abandon their project midway. A physical address is simply there to let users know you are legit, thus adding trustworthiness to your brand.

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