How to Get Verified Star on TikTok


Carving out a unique identity on a large video-sharing platform like TikTok is an uphill task. With millions of enthusiastic creators competing for attention, getting a name etched in everyone’s memory requires unique talent and plenty of guts and gumption. That’s why the originators who succeed in winning hearts with their funny lip-sync craft, amazing dancing skill, or great display of stunts get a verified star. This symbol confirms their entry into the elite league.

Where Does the Verified Badge Show Up?

The blue tick mark looks right next to the usernames within follower lists as well as in searches. For the kind of verified account, it displays a checkmark sign on your TikTok accounts.

If your profile does not show the badge below the username or displays it somewhere on the profile (i.e. your bio), it’s not a verified account. Only TikTok applies verified badges, and they seem in the same place every time.

Keep in mind, many fake websites and online scams claim to verify a TikTok account. Please don’t fall prey to their tall claims as they are designed to hack personal information and plenty of money. So, it would be best if you stayed away from such types of services as they also get your TikTok profile shut down.

What Are the Need to Get Verified on TikTok?

There are 4 basic needs to verified on TikTok. And if your account checks off all the boxes, TikTok might already be thinking to reward you.


While I always enjoy getting inspiration from icons and emulating the best in the business, I wouldn’t say I like blatant copy cats. So, never fail to take influence from famous artists, while trying to carve your own identity to stand out in the cut-throat battle.


The first demand you must check off is being real. Yeah, it’s nothing but the identity that can give you a lasting identity on the video-sharing platform.


No matter how elegantly you take on how eye-catching videos or TikTok challenges you post on the video-sharing platform, the probabilities of obtaining verified on TikTok will remain slim unless you become more productive on the platform. 

Adhere to Community Guidelines

Though I’m a big fan of social networking sites and consider them a boon for allowing people to show their creativity, they have become a reasonably safe heaven for troll armies and so-called professional cry babies. So, never entertain in any activity that may not only demean fellow users but also show you in a bad light.

These tips will help you to get verified TikTok badge. I hope this article will help you.


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