The Mobile of the Future: Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S8 may be the best mobile on the market this year, but there are still many aspects that can improve. Many disappointed features we had seen in Galaxy S8 and so the company more deliberately and in a very careful manner is designing another beast for the coming year 2018 – Samsung Galaxy S9. It is anticipated that the coming smartphone Galaxy S9 will fulfil all our desire of having a smartphone with all the powerful, stunning, rapid and smooth working features.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mobile

Paying 900 euros for a mobile phone can seem like crazy today. The middle range offers very solvent phones with everything a user may need for less than half. But there are still people who want a premium mobile at any price. Phones that have everything that does not flake in any aspect and stands out above all others just take it out of the pocket.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is that mobile. A ‘smartphone’ that seems to come from the future. A mobile in which Samsung has virtually eliminated the side edges thanks to the curved edge-to-edge display and has also reduced the lower and upper bands to the minimum expression just like its predecessor Galaxy S8, replacing the button ‘home’, hitherto physical, by a virtual one that vibrates with the pressure. Although S9 design concept is much similar to Galaxy S8; the functions and even the colours of S9 – just out of the world.

galaxy s9 specification & features

Another negative aspect of Galaxy S8 that needs to be resolved by Samsung Galaxy S9, unlike previous phones, Samsung faces a double problem in authenticating the user. If the iris sensor cannot take the chest, little more can say the fingerprint. When the home button disappears, this sensor has gone to the back of the phone, next to the camera. The decision is strange since the rear sensors have always been in the central area and find it costs. So much so, that in the end one opts for the third option to unlock the Galaxy. The facial recognition is the real jewel in the crown in this section. Even for the one who writes this, which with glasses usually has recognition problems with some technologies, the experience has been unpolluted, in the style of how fast an iPhone unlocking the phone by Touch ID. This is the future. According to an Investor, to overrule this issue, Designers planned to change of location of the fingerprint sensor and we hope it will just bring out faster impressive functions.

It does not end there as Samsung has added its own collection of stickers so that users do not have to go to Snapchat or Facebook to embellish their images or the selfies they share with family and friends; all these entertaining features in Galaxy S9 as well. They exist from the traditional ones that alter our appearance until the stamps that add some concrete word to our catches.



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